IMPRESSIONS; played Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Halo MCC

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User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#41
Interestingly Sunset Overdrive had a good button layout for me.

Maybe the transition to face button for grinding was jarring for some ( my best mate disliked it) but it felt like infamous: First Light's neon run mapped to circle; initially you think, "man, I wish this was on a bumper/trigger", then ten minutes later your mind just flips a switch!
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User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#42
Lawboy2 posted...
Still 30 mins isn't long...

If you have to play a game for more than 30 minutes to "get used" to the controls then your control scheme isn't good. How many games that you've really enjoyed have you needed more than five minutes to "get used" to the controls? Probably not a large portion.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#43
I hope Sunset Overdrive plays as good as it looks by release. I have had relatively high hopes for that one. I welcome opinions from people who have played it for better or worse, if it turns out bad it won't be the first or the last game I was disappointed in. It is still in progress at this point but the release is close enough anyone playing it recently should be getting a very good idea of what it will be in a couple months.
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User Info: QuBix

3 years ago#44
Sunset Overdrive's controls were cumbersome, they were not horrible, they were just not thought out very well. Controls aside, the gameplay wasn't great. It didn't keep my attention but neither do games like Dead Rising etc. so maybe killing thousands of creatures and such isn't my thing anymore?... But in the end, Sunset Overdrive wasn't the game I've played that I saw back at E3. It was boring, cumbersome and it didn't even look as good as I wanted it too.
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#45
I'm glad someone else mentioned on here that COD AW felt like it had some Titanfall sauce thrown into it ( double jump ) I just think it's too coincidental to have that so soon after Titanfall. Titanfall wasn't a gigantic hit so the COD devs will use the COD freight train so when the next time Titanfall comes out people will say that it's copying COD. Before you get upset at me I'm getting COD AW I can't say no with Kevin Spacey being in the game :-P

Also about Sunset Overdrive the controls do sound different and might take some getting used to. I will hold off on it until reviews and more gamers get a hold of it. I like how people here are already calling it a flop just from the TC's opinions.

Thanks TC for sharing your input on the games. I look forward to all 3.

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