If both XB1 and PS4 had the exact same game titles which console would you pick?

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  3. If both XB1 and PS4 had the exact same game titles which console would you pick?

User Info: Naterrs1

3 years ago#41
Xbox One, I love my PS4 but I've always much preferred the Xbox controller for first person shooters.

User Info: mygoodluckcharm

3 years ago#42
Neither. My PC is better than both of them.
Now, if only all console exclusives released on PC too...

User Info: MysticGreever

3 years ago#43

I've been with the Playstation since the first one. Playstation has the games I want like God of War, Uncharted and Metal Gear (which used to be exclusive).

I've never had an Xbox. Also never had a Neo-Geo, Dreamcast or Ouya or other systems that have come out. Since over 80% of current games have come out for both, if not all 3 current gen systems, I see no reason to switch my current brand of choice.
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User Info: SubSeenix

3 years ago#44

it is still the stronger hardware

I can pay 60$ or so for the best quality on PS4
Or i can pay 60$ for less quality on X1

I want the best quality

User Info: darthcid

3 years ago#45
Axedude87 posted...
AIIenwaIker posted...
PS4 for sure, since all games look and play much better than on the Xbone. Anyone who answers Xbone or Wii U for this is a fanboy, since it has been confirmed that multiplats function better on the PS4.

Thats not what TC was asking, he said if multiplats functioned the same on both consoles (no difference what so ever between them) which would you pick? Also if exclusives were on both consoles.

That is nowhere near what he asked, zero exclusives only.

Do we have to make a decision straight away or will we get demo time, it's no good saying controller this or that as i have used neither. Snap decision ps4 because Microsoft practically stole £40+ from me and that was the reason i traded my 360 in for a ps3 in the first place.
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User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#46
PS4 hands down. Although if PC while having controller support for DS4 were a viable option, I'd go with that.
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User Info: AgentLocke

3 years ago#47
You people who force the "If you don't choose PS4 your a fanboy" thing down our throats not only sound like the fanboys you speak of, but also sound extremely ignorant at the same time. So none of these things have an impact in choice besides pixel count?

Live and its better server's (LS couldn't bring live down)

Controller (also getting arthritis, xbox controller is simply more comfortable)

Choice in App's (World cup app was awesome)

"Xbox record that" and the great community on Upload

Snap feature and a HDMI input for other console's/TV

Service's not on PSN (EA access is a great deal regardless of the hate i hear about it)

Friend's and what console they are on

If you prefer achievement's over trophy's, especially if you have a large amount of them (this goes both ways)

Your preference in UI (I love the ability to "Pin" thing's to my main page

On top of other's I can't think of atm. So yeah... your "You gotta be a fanboy to pick Xbox" thing is very stupid. And before i hear s*** I have no doubt PS has a big list of Pro's as well beside just "more power" but I'm pointing out that Xbox has more than just "less power" So get your PS loving a** to your own forum if you love it so much.
The Xbox one forum should be called the "Xbox vs Ps4" forum.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#48
Ps4 with an x1 like aftermarket controller
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User Info: rpgguy999

3 years ago#49
*raises master race flag*
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User Info: desert_santa

3 years ago#50
I would have picked ps4 and ended up with a Xbox one. Reason being it was easier to find Xboxes in stock in December.
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