Do you believe games make you violent, sexist, self-obsessed or bad to others?

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User Info: Red_Jester

2 years ago#1
Please Read Before Posting!

Thanks to the recent gaming controversy, (Please don't bring it up in this topic) a number of games media writers have gone on outright furious rants in articles attempting to explain why ALL gamers are directly or indirectly responsible for the recent harassment of individuals online. The reasoning is that they're trying to convince consumers to stop supporting today's popular genres and also put pressure on developers/publishers to stop making them.

We all know that in recent years many people have claimed that games subconsciously enforce "stereotypes about women" onto unknowing gamers. Now after the recent controversy, they're bringing up all of the old 1990's accusations of violence affecting gamers again. In effect, they ARE blaming the industry for being "indirectly responsible" in this in order to make them reconsider making violent games and also demonizing all gamers in order to make developers/publishers look down on them and not want to "follow the money" by making those games for terrible people.

Not only that, but they believe that by playing games where you play as a protagonist that saves the day/world, you are making gamers believe that because they always play as heroes in video games, they become self-obsessed heroes in their real lives who respect no one and empathize with no one as they are "self-perceived heroes whose duty is to destroy what opposes them." In other words, they believe these games have now affected how we interact with other human beings because we've grown up playing video games where you save the world.

One (admittedly crazy) even went so far as to claim that competitive video games and e-sports are wrong because they support the "hardcore vs casual" segment of gamers by placing people who play and practice in video games to be better than other players as being a way to "marginalize" and force out a segment of players from having voices solely because they want to "feel superior."

Lastly, the word "murder simulator" is making a comeback now. I'd imagine this and violence are being thrown around solely to bring people who've hated video games in the past to come back and start throwing their weight around. Anything to add more negative opinions to "prove" how bad the gaming industry and its consumers are, possibly prompting publishers under renewed public scrutiny to actually cave in.
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User Info: sweetbloods

2 years ago#2
That "incident" was just an opportunity for "gaming journalist" to jump on the new bandwagon of bashing games. Video Games do nothing different then movies or television. There are worst stuff on the news and social media then there are in games. Sadly this is what the near future is going to be like, instead of talking about important things we will be hearing about "how hard it is for female devs or these games hurt my feelings". No one will take responsibility for anything and the gamers will be treated like crap.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

2 years ago#3
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User Info: sadiq2010

2 years ago#5
no, never.

User Info: jumbocat

2 years ago#6
Women have a stronger voice (at least in the west) and women's sociocultural gender issues are given greater attention and concern (in all forms of media) now than at any point in history. Sure, there's still more to be done but these things take time.

I'm getting a little sick of games bearing the brunt of criticism for negative portrayals of women. Many films and TV shows use women as shallow love interest damsels in distress window-dressing yet for some reason it is gaming that is constantly vilified. Just because someone else is doing it doesn't make it right but I feel that gamers are just an easy target because of their nerdy/male rep.

It seems strange to me that a big-boobed character in a video game is somehow more sexist than The Batchelor (a show with a predominantly female audience) where twenty women have a scrag-fight to win the attention of single man. Which of these truly portrays women badly?

User Info: holden4ever

2 years ago#7
What incident?

User Info: gamefaqwatcher

2 years ago#8
It's too mainstream now. Gaming rakes in just as much, if not more than the movie industry. It attracts the worst people. As in, those who take advantage (Certain game journalist and developers) and make click bait articles. When they're twisted and have ill intent....It makes me wish i never read it.
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User Info: InninXI

2 years ago#9
It's a game. I know how to separate virtual from reality.
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User Info: CammyApple

2 years ago#10
I believe social media has a larger negative impact on people than gaming has.
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