out of curiosity in the USA how long does it take?

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  3. out of curiosity in the USA how long does it take?

User Info: TonyRodrigues76

2 years ago#1
I see alot of posts say I will wait for this game to go to 20 usd meanwhile it's watchdogs and here in Canada that would take about two years before that happens so do you guy's actually have the discipline to hold off that long?

Or is it just usually people talking out there butts?

User Info: youngskillz

2 years ago#2
6-9 months depending on the game, sometimes longer sometimes less than that maybe.

also can get lucky an find a deal/clearence or so.
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User Info: Koelker12

2 years ago#3
Depends on the game. Big multiplayer games will sometimes stay full retail price for a year.

Nintendo games, too, can end up staying full price for years.
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User Info: TonyRodrigues76

2 years ago#4
Yeah Nintendo games here don't comes down for years and years here either

User Info: ACx7

2 years ago#5
Depends on the company that made it. Nintendo published games almost never drop in price. WHen they do it's by $5 or at the most, in very rare cases, $10. And never less than a year after release. Ubisoft games drop quicker than the other big name third party publishers. But as of late even they have been slow. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield wont drop a dime until the next one comes out. And then they'll cut the price by $20 or something like that.

I think when most people say that they mean wait until they can find it on sale. CoD Ghosts can be bought for $22 on sale right now on Amazon. But it's retail price is still $60.
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User Info: TonyRodrigues76

2 years ago#6
Oh ok I just sent so many posts I'm going to wait for it to down to 20 usd and I think to myself well you must be waiting for quite awhile.

User Info: Laylow12

2 years ago#7
Damn... They're so tough on Canada price-wise and I don't get it. It's not fair. To answer your question TC, it depends on the game of course and like another guy said, Nintendo can keep their games high and still sell them years later.

Black Friday here in the US is a time when you can get a game released two weeks earlier for $40 usually cod, etc. Big releases.

I read someplace that US websites like Amazon US will not ship to Canada. Is this true? If not, I'd try that route. Something tells me they won't ship to you though which sucks.

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User Info: TonyRodrigues76

2 years ago#8
Yeah I don't think they will ship here.

Also I have a friend in Kansas but if I get him to pick a fame up by the time I convert the cdn money to usd and shipping costs it don't save me enough to bother.

Games are 69 plus 13 percent sales tax here so a game comes to 78 dollars which is just nasty.
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  3. out of curiosity in the USA how long does it take?

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