Wow! The Netflix update is stupid.

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User Info: AssassinBean

3 years ago#11
Is anyone else having trouble with snapping Netflix now? It plays fine if I snap it while using an app, but as soon as I load up a game (any game so far) the video immediately freezes but the audio continues. If I use the home button and it minimizes to the tile the the video unfreezes and catches back up with the audio. As soon as I maximize it again, it freezes. What the hell? Snapping worked perfectly before this update ruined it.

User Info: bgwilly255

3 years ago#12
It doesn't bother me, because I use third party apps to find new and recent content to add. I just go straight to my Q and play.

For anyone looking for a good app on IOS it's called Inst-Watcher. You highly customize the list categories, watch trailers, and sort by REAL new releases.. Like things added this morning.
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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#13
I use the pc to find what movie i want to watch.

I hate all console netflix because they don't allow you to properly browse.

on the pc it is so much better.

User Info: SampsonM

3 years ago#14
falkedup posted...
I like it. Easier to navigate
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User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#15
It's the same as all other versions, it's better, faster, and the fast forwarding/rewinding/pausing are WAY better.. it's not a mess.
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

3 years ago#16
Wait, so it's like the PS4 now? Good. The way they had it on the Xbone was awful.
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User Info: cloudrivera

3 years ago#17
Does it actually work better now? Does it actually look HD? I use Netflix on a lot of devices in my house but it by far looks the worst on the one
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User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#18
This UI runs a lot smoother and is easier to control and navigate. It's like the PS4 version now minus Max. I'm glad they updated it.
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User Info: CRASS5000

3 years ago#19
I've always disliked their categories, but I like the new layout.

User Info: zmouse

3 years ago#20
How do you get rid of the info pane thing in the corner?
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