Xbone worth it just for halo MP?

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User Info: cyhperrage2027

3 years ago#31
If you're not going to call it by the proper name, don't bother making the thread, troll.

User Info: Landonio

3 years ago#32
Orange_Apples posted...
No. a 4 game compilation of games that existed on the last console and the console before that is not worth it.

There are plenty of other games worth picking up though.


User Info: astutecollie

3 years ago#33
There are very few games in this world that I believe are truly worth spending $400 just to play, and HALO is definitely one of them. The model system seller game imo. Due to how excellent the online is, and how many 100s and 1000s of hours you could spend on it without getting bored.

So the correct answer is yes, it is very much worth spending the $400 to play 4 HALO games, even if you have no interest in the campaigns.

User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#34
scarface_jr posted...
MrImpatient35 posted...
leathelj posted...
GuiltySoul2005 posted...
leathelj posted...
90% of xb1 games go to PC? Smh stop saying stupid stuff any way i don't know why you just won't keep it's not even far in it's life cycle if halo is all you care a out from all the games ms has shown then you need to get interested in other games and stop being jaded. The halo community and it's different or dieing or it's casual blah blah just sounds like your salty from something. you either sell your xb1 or don't period make a choice.

Lol, look how quickly the xbots turn on someone considering selling one of their precious little plastic boxes.

?i basically said if all he is Interested in is halo after all that ms has shown is sad and he needs to get interested in more games I just find it hard to believe. And I just said he is salty with the halo community for some reason. And ended with it's still early but either sell it or don't that's not defending any one or any thing that's how it's gonna end up any way he either sells it or he keeps it.

Even with ALL the game released and announced, some people still say that all X1 has is halo and CoD. Those people can't be helped. They choose to ignore everything else, prolly cause it makes them feel good about not having one.

Did you hear about a lil game called Sunset Overdrive? Maybe the Chaos Squad in it?

Sunset doesn't look fun to me. And I guess the guy you quoted can't read. Almost every game I'm interested besides MCC is going to end up on PC so why would I get it on xb1 when I can get a better version on PC? I play other games, but exclusive wise I haven't seen anything else that makes me really want to keep it. I played h3 from launch till a few months into 4 when MLG would take forever to find a game or it'd just be against the same people over and over. I enjoy FPS games and RPG games for the most part, and get bored of 90% of indy games. If xb1 had games like bloodborne and the order I would've made this topic about getting rid of my PS4. I never said MS didn't announce anything horrible/boring, I said that 90% of the "exclusives" aren't exclusive and end up on steam. Or am I supposed to gimp myself to make a few fanboys happy and buy them on XB1 when I can get more out of the same game on PC with mods?

Agian that 90% xb1 games on PC is bs please stop. Any way the xb1 has good xb1 exclusives if all your interested in is halo and want to down play any thing elese on xb1 that's your problem. Also it's not going to be on PC. Any way I'm kinda done talking to you go play what you want not going to get into it with you.
"Gamers hate change. Unless there is no change. Then they hate sameness. Gamers hate games."
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