1st person shooters are here to stay.

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User Info: EIKabong

3 years ago#21
richboy900 posted...
Fps is even better when I have my mountain dew and doritos
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#22
I'm kinda burnt out on FPS games lately... But they were my favorite genre since 2000.. Guess I just burnt myself out
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User Info: Pharsti01

3 years ago#23
I thought they were here to stay since the very first one.....

User Info: fon1988

3 years ago#24
SubSeenix posted...
No one is against shooters

We are against the Copy+Paste shooters like CoD and Titanfall which copy+paste each other currently.

I would take on a monthly base shooters like Borderlands,Destiny,Metro,Bioshock and other extremely well made high Quality shooters.
Hell even games like Rainbow Six Siege will be a lot more unique than CoD.

Those are good shooters.

To be fair I don't really think Titanfall is exactly a copy-paste job from Call of Duty. I have played COD plenty and have never been able to get into the games. Titanfall has better maneuverability and of course Titans which changes up the gameplay.
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