What type of gamer are you?

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User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#21
im a fanboy

i have no time to actually play games. i spend my time counting pixels and sales numbers, hating on a device that ive never used and have no interest at all in, attacking other people who enjoy playing on other devices because that is against my religion, scouring the net for random articles that are sure to troll the whole internet and get them jimmies rustled, and making sure that i have one of the 50 other similar topics on the front page of the board every time something happens, even if it might be the most insignificant advantage that my console has over the other.

oh there might be a few more articles on forbes and some new numbers on vgchartz. looks like i better go grab my lube and rub one out.

User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#22
As long as it's good & I enjoy it, I don't care what system it's on.
PSN: nightwing2099 GT: Gambit1018
Systems I own: PS3, PS4, PSP, Original Xbox, XB1

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#23
I'm an equal opportunist gamer.
'Deep into that darkness peering...'

User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#24
I don't own stock in any game company, so don't really care at all about how this system sells or how that system sells, etc. Nor do I get involved in all of the little silly ass fanboy stuffs.

All I care about is games. If a game is good, then I have no problem recognizing it as such, regardless of system. If a game is bad, then it's bad regardless of system.
Sometimes I honestly think that Online is the WORST thing that ever happened to gaming.

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#25
well i didnt get modded for being a fanboy so all is well

me i like video games and ill play any game. especially with friends
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