Which did you like more- New Saints Row or Old school Saints Row

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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#21
SR1 and SR2 were awesome. They both had serious stories (the side activities in SR2 really took over in SR3 and ruined the seriousness that I actually enjoyed), and I really hope that they come to their senses and actually do another good, serious game with the humor on the side.
Kojima and Del Toro working on a new Silent Hill starring Norman Reedus... this means the world to me.
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User Info: LazyAssNinja

3 years ago#22
"Saints Row 2" had the best story and "Saints Row The Third" had the best gameplay.
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User Info: ilexuki

3 years ago#23
SR2 is the only game from last gen i can play over and over, it was just that good.

sr3 was bad.steelport was bad. i can't recall much of the city, it's just a blur. stilwater on the other hand has a lot of memorable "districts".

SR4 was hot garbage. i think i played about half of it before i just said forget it.

the thing is, gta isn't gta anymore, it's not about gangs, and turf, and stuff, they've moved in a different direction. so saint's row doesn't need to go to the wtf zone just to try to stand out from gta, it was already doing that at SR2.
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User Info: woadi754

3 years ago#24
leathelj posted...
1st game great
2nd game fantastic at it's Peak good balance just improve multiplayer.
3rd game wtf
4th game WTF

User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#25
AttackOnTitan posted...
I like the new ones, 3 and 4 were awesome. I like the wacky and crazy route saints has gone. If I want a serious open world gang game I will just play GTA and for the crazy theres Saints

Here's the thing though. While SR2 was certainly more serious and gritty than 3 and 4, it was still a pretty silly and over the top game. I mean hell, I spent half my time ho'ing in dirty gas station bathrooms for crying out loud!

Nobody is saying that we want them to go GTA4 serious with the next SR game. We just want them to bring it back down to Earth a little (...literally!) 2 had a balance between the silly and the serious, and it is a return to that balance that we seek. Remember 2 is the game that introduced the septic truck spewing activity. The game had more than its fair share of silliness.
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User Info: finaleve

3 years ago#26
I started with 3 and enjoyed it a lot. It certainly was not great in terms of story but I had a lot of fun with it. 4 came out and I was floored. It got real crazy and I really did like it a lot even if the direction was a bit weird. Like, they just went way out there.

I just can't bring myself to play 2. I have a thing where if I play the newer versions of games, the older ones are harder to play because of graphical and gameplay changes (MGS2, Deus Ex/Invisible War, etc). I own it on Steam but just can't bring myself to play it.

User Info: Shinshoryuken1

3 years ago#27
Hmmm... 2 came as a real surprise to me, I tried it because of the character creation element, expected to hate it because it was, as I'd been told, a GTA parody with goofy elements. I don't like the crime lord role, I can't connect with the thug life identity, and screwball nonsense in a game where I create an avatar of myself seems awkward. SR2 had a little goofiness, and a significant bit of sincere drama in the storyline. By the end of it I was impressed, and really wanted to play 3.

But 3 is where most realistic conflict is thrown to the wayside, but there's still enough direct "revenge plot" there to offset enough of the cheeky "I'm the ultimate badass" comedy. It still felt somewhat like a relate-able struggle, plus customization was great.

4 just completely disregards believable personality and struggle. The antagonist and setting are goofy, your character has gone full-on flippant, and conflicts between the two have no feel of any meaning. The addition of super-powers was what kept me in to the end, they felt great for most of the game, even though the execution was Fable-like, but I understand that it's more about "do what you want" and less about having the combat feel satisfying. I also think it's healthy for them to branch out to poke fun at other games.

Overall I would prefer the old style of SR. While living in my fantasy world of running at mach 5 and shooting energy blasts was cool, I don't think SR will ever be the studio that tries to make it feel like a great combat system where PvP would be even remotely viable. Still conceptually, story aside SR4 could have been my dream game.

User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#28
I could never really get into the original, but I really enjoyed Saints Row 2 and 3. 4 was alright but it was clearly rushed.

User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#29
I think if the series took the crazy fun and multiplayer aspect from 4, and combined it with the story, customization, and exploration of 2, it'd be a really great game.

I think it was the setting and presentation that Saints Row fans preferred the most out of 2, and why they wished the series would harkon back to it (and I agree to a large extent). Even still, I did have fun with 3 and 4, and found them to be fun, monotonous games in their own right.
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User Info: eeeehhhhhh

3 years ago#30
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