Remeber : digital games are ruining game developers

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User Info: HomieKnockout

2 years ago#1
Much how artist don't make as much because you can buy the album on iTunes and not get the cd bonus. Always buy physical copies
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User Info: InninXI

2 years ago#2
They don't get any money from used copies. Only buy new.
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User Info: Crystyn_7B

2 years ago#3
How is that comparable?
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User Info: mokmuud

2 years ago#4
It's cheaper to distribute digitally and at launch it costs the same so I'd say they are better off with digital sales.
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User Info: Man_called_War

2 years ago#5
Same Price - Manufacturing - Shipping - Retail cut = Less money for developers. Wow thanks TC, I had no idea how wrong my concept of basic economics was.
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User Info: Bernoulli_

2 years ago#6
Digital fits my needs much better.
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User Info: Sabram

2 years ago#7
That's blatantly false, since the licensing fees are the same whether a title is digital or physical. If the price is the same for the game digitally as it is physically (most often the case) then that means less overhead for the digital version, since there's no manufacturing fees for the discs, cases, and inserts.

It's possible that the distribution platform takes a larger chunk of the sale money from costs associated with the game being hosted for download from their servers (PSN, XBL, Steam) But considering that it's not infrequent that games can go on sale for as much as 80% off, it doesnt seem all that likely, since every party involved has to agree to the sale price, and each partner for the sale takes a percentage of the money. The Developer, Publisher, and Platform would all have to be comfortable with the amount of money they each make from those heavily discounted sales.

It's also true that when a game is offered for free on GWG or PS+ that Sony and MS have to compensate the publisher/developer for the lost money from the possible sales that would have occurred over the timeframe that the game is offered. Since most of the time the games are only offered for a month (2 weeks on GWG) it isn't that large of a check to write to each company.

There wouldn't be as much of a push for digital distribution as well if the companies and partners involved didn't stand the chance to make higher profit margins from it. As well as avoiding the loss of income with re-sales from used games, the overhead costs of the aforementioned physical components of the game are completely avoided.

For instance, if it costs $1 to make the insert, case, and disc for each game sold, that means that for a game like Halo 3, which sold about 15m copies (I think) that's $15 million dollars that is flat out lost on expenses that could be avoided with a pure digital distribution. Now if the developers got 15% of the money, the publisher got 20%, and the platform manufacturer got the rest, that means the developers lose out on 2.25 million dollars, and the publishers lose 3 million. No one wants to lose out on that kind of money that could either go into further development for the game, or into the next game that the studio would work on.

Note that I completely pulled those numbers out of my ass, and I have no idea what the actual percentages each party takes from a game sale.

Bottom line is, if you want to support a developer as much as you can, buy their games digitally.
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User Info: googler

2 years ago#8
HomieKnockout posted...
Much how artist don't make as much because you can buy the album on iTunes and not get the cd bonus. Always buy physical copies

There is no used risk with digital and all the middlemen are completely cut out...lets use some simple logic, baby Xbroner.
Which is better?
·splitting $60 between publisher, developers, marketers, MS/sony, retailers, manufacturing, distributors, middleware providers
·splitting $60 between publisher, developers, marketers, MS/Sony, middleware providers

User Info: Spetsnaz420

2 years ago#9
I came to say what Sabra said
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User Info: Lapanui

2 years ago#10
Digital in UK = More expensive than physical

I've only been buying digital games that aren't available physically or is on sale if it is cheaper than physical.
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