It's time to forgive Microsoft and move on

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User Info: MertensCW

3 years ago#21
Trust is not easily earned but lost quickly.
Part of me is slowly getting reeled back in, mainly due to exclusives. However do i really want to support a company that was ready to throw DRM checks at me 24/7 ...

That part still doesn't sit well with me.
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User Info: GalvatronType_R

3 years ago#22
Yakashi posted...
Do you really own an X1? Bone and connect makes me think you don't.

Uhhhhh... what are you trying to say?

User Info: AwayFromHere

3 years ago#23
Hey, I know I shoved a broomstick up your ass when you were asleep, still friends, right?
You are hallucinating. Seek help immediately.

User Info: mike468

3 years ago#24
Nothing to forgive. I had no problem with the original drm policy. Was it flawed, sure, but I saw through that for MS's bigger plan. Wish more people would have too, instead of joining the mob with pitchforks. Sony is no angel when it comes to the matter themselves. Just look at the horrendous DRM policy/scam with their sony music label cd's a few years ago. Can't even use custom music tracks on the ps4 without having a subscription to Sony's Unlimited music service.
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User Info: L96A1BOSS

3 years ago#25
First of all for someone to be forgive they have to admit they was wrong then seek forgiveness maybe send a bible to one of Microsoft executive.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#26
I never had to forgive MS in the first place. I was fine with everything. Why? Because it's a damn video game machine.
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User Info: mattrick_rises

3 years ago#27
Never trusted MS, never will. Had so many crashes and errors with Windows 95, Millennium, Vista.

Windows 8 is a turd.

Xbox 360 RRoD

Xbox One E3 2013 unveil.

Buying third party timed exclusives, XB1M13, etc

Just... no.

User Info: dylmeister

3 years ago#28
Panner posted...
Microsoft lost me with with their original vision for the console.
If gamers didn't stand up to be heard about the practices, THAT vision would be the console we'd have today.
Microsoft doesn't care what you want. Microsoft cares about the money to be made. Once they realised that the Xbox One was going to flop they back peddled. All the good things that were great about the console were taken away. The family sharing was a fantastic idea.
And there's nothing stopping Microsoft from bringing those practices back.

That's why Microsoft haven't had a sale from me. I'll see what they bring to the table next gen.

Every company cares about money only. Also, to explain the bolded part. You just said that gamers stood up against MS's policies and made a change. To suggest there is nothing stopping MS from bring those practices back is contradicting your own comment. The fact that they listened to consumers is HUGE. Yes they did it for the money but not all companies listen to consumers. My only question of the system is where are the exclusives!? Big question though.

User Info: Limp_sugar

3 years ago#29
Hashtag never forget
Support your developer. Buy new.

User Info: WeirdShroom

3 years ago#30
lol owe you $100.

That's as absurd as this guy me and my roommate let crash on our couch for a few weeks. Told him off the bat he has to pitch in, since he stayed free and we handled it before and we were barely going to make rent, so he agreed. We partied and he was supposed to pitch in to make up for it.

Then he screwed us over leaving us owing on rent and had the balls to claim he didn't OWE us anything, that he had simply offered to help and it was totally fine to not do that and cut out on us.

People these days are scummy.
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