A couple questions for those that own a PS4 and X1

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User Info: Shura_Surplice

3 years ago#11
I had the X1 first and all I played there was Fifa, CoD and TF for 2 weeks (everybody knows that game lacks content). I never had any interest in DR3, Forza, KI or Ryse.

3 weeks ago I got the console with "no games" and bought TLOU and Infamous, it was worth it. Right now I am waiting for Destiny to play with my friends.

I also have no interest in SO (looks dumb) nor MCC (old games that already played a lot), but I am pretty excited for Bloodborne, The Order and some other exclusives.
I had the X1 for a while, now I own a PS4 and I am loving it :)

User Info: Tajaz2426

3 years ago#12
Fest purchase 3 PS4s at launch, for my 2 sons and I, then 1 X1 for our youngest.

If they would have come out at the same time, I would have purchased at the same time. If the X1 would have been released first, I may have an 4 X1s instead of the other way around.

I am a compulsive buyer and would have wanted next gent graphics right then, when I seen my son play his.
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User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#13
1st purchase = PS4 / 2nd purchase = X1 w/ EQUAL use

This seems about right for me. Although this fall I'll likely be committing more time to the Xbox One.
XBGT:RedHawkDirewolf PSN and NNID: RedHawk_Direwolf

User Info: eejayaitch

3 years ago#14
trenken posted...
MetroidFan9999 posted...
trenken posted...
Too many salty ponys here so any pole is ruined by the VERY vocal minority so every pol here is skewed and inaccurate.

X1 first due to better exclusives, and used more due to having a lot more features than the ps4 for the same price. No brainer.

Do you know how polls work?

No please explain the concept to us.

And when a board is overrun by pissed off salty fanboys, also explain to us how a pole is supposed to work properly, when the angry jealous vocal minority is making a lot more noise, voting on polls more, than the native crowd?

Take a trip on over to the ps4 board, see too many ms fan troll topics? Nope, thats because they are very happy with the games they are getting. Ps4 fans are getting lbp and driveclub this year. Thats it. And still salty about tomb raider so they are here a trolling, a hatin, a reassurin, trying to skew every poll.

Yep, LBP and Drive Club are the ONLY games that will release on the PS4 this year. Nothing else. Just two games. Well, ok, there may be a good few multi plats (all of which will no doubt look and run better on the PS4) plus however many indie and download games there will be, but hey, JUST TWO GAMES!

Nothing makes me grin more than a pissed of salty fanboy bemoaning pissed of salty fanboys.
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User Info: devnull520

3 years ago#15
Bought both on release date, which means PS4, then Xbox One. I am still using the 360 more than the two new consoles combined, but I play Xbox One more than PS4.
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