Is the X1 the only console you own this gen?

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User Info: TrickyPony

9 months ago#71
Yes, no time and no reason to get anything else
This topic is taking the word s*** bucket to a whole 'nother level!!!!

User Info: beautifuldreams

9 months ago#72

not really interested in buying another system, just because of the hassle of more gaming setup management and maintenance

User Info: ArkonBlade

9 months ago#73
Hell no.

I got a high end gaming PC and a PS4.

Only games I have on my X1 S are Sunset Overdrive, Gears remaster and Gears 4.

Doesn't have enough games I want. most end up going to PC any ways and I'd rather just wait for the PC version. It does work great as my 4K blu Ray player. with all the black Friday sales last year I really only paid $150 for it after I sold all the extra games and extra controller it came with. So hell of a deal on that at least.
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User Info: Nerv1

9 months ago#74
Nope got a PS4 plus my brother has a PS4 PRO and a Wii U which I play on and he'll buy the Switch when the next Xenoblade comes out so I technically have every console.
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