Friday Night Xbox: What are you guys playing?

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User Info: Jamin

8 months ago#1
I'm sorta easing into World of Tanks, although I'm really playing LEGO Worlds. It's a pretty fun little game, although it's pretty glitchy.
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User Info: WeskerTeam

8 months ago#2
Ghostbusters the game
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User Info: ThanosSupreme

8 months ago#3
Horde friday on Gears 4

followed by uncharted 4 MP

then maybe finish it up with some Titanfall 2 online or ESO
-The Mad Titan-
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User Info: cheezedadada

8 months ago#4
Was supposed to go to a concert this weekend, but now I am going to one on Tuesday/Wednesday instead. So yeah, I plan on being super lazy tonight and gaming as much as possible.

Shadow Warrior 2 and The Surge for me.

Shill time: Shadow Warrior 2 is really good. If anyone is looking to have "fun", pick it up!
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User Info: Overburdened

8 months ago#5
Assassins creed revelations at the moment, really good. Played AC2 and Brotherhood years ago, so it's great finishing the story up. Brotherhood is the best of the 3 though, better map, dungeons, buildings, armours.

Got AC Rogue the other day in sale, will plsy that at some time.
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User Info: KiltyMcBagpipes

8 months ago#6
The remastered Darksiders. I bought the two remasters on the sale. It's decent. Probably seemed better at the time it came out. Hope to finish the first this weekend then move on to the second.
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User Info: INKU48

8 months ago#7
Just wrapped up Ikaruga via BC. Damn fine but also damn hard game and I don't intend to 1CC it. Might play a little Phantom Dust later. #transformacija #ProjectScorpio #PanzerDragoonOrtaHDpls

User Info: RonBurgundy929

8 months ago#8
Shadow Warrior 1, 2
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User Info: knight1014139

8 months ago#9
Wildlands....... Again.... Lol
XBL Gamertag: TheRevan Lord

User Info: Discharged19DCS

8 months ago#10
Haven't really played on my Xbox in months but I did buy ghostbusters in the BC sale. I really loved that game and it was only 2.99. So I'll be giving that a shot tomorrow.
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