Are you skipping work/school on nov 7th

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User Info: JayDotKill

4 months ago#61
quincy2000a posted...
Rafficus_III posted...
agentspoon posted...

Post a picture of the "five" Pre-Orders you have, if not then you are simply proving that you are a liar.

Either post a picture or admit you are lying.

I'd actually like to see this as well. Maybe even your gamertag as well?

...and I have some driving urge to prove something to you...? In God's name, why...?

Why don't you post your GT? Pm me it, I just wanna play with you. I actually enjoy your posts and they are very informative. I would like to become friends with you
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User Info: Mindwipe77

4 months ago#62
no, I'm an adult
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