Is it patched yet for the 4gb Slim people?

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  3. Is it patched yet for the 4gb Slim people?

User Info: rwfan2c

4 years ago#31
From: Shellman704 | #108
The bold part is wrong, i think. What i do know is when you format the usb stick for xbox use it will delete anything on it, so back up before, then you are given an option for how much memory you want to format on the usb stick, at least 1gb no more than 16 or 32gb i beleive. Unless the removed the maximum limit in how much you can format a usb drive then whoever said they have a 2TB xbox is lying and a fool for just making stuff up.

After formatting the usb drive you can still use it.outside.of xbox as long as there is room left.

All this is what i know from formatting usb sticks when the ability first became available a few years ago, if anything changed I dont know about so enlighten me without flamming please.

Yes you are correct, Though the one i use to back up Borderlands and Borderlands 2 saves is rather small and i can't use it for anything else. However you really need to start reading entire posts. I said...From: rwfan2c | #105
It has nothing to do with lack of space. you could have a 2TB HD for the xbox and it still wouldn't play

Just as an example, saying that is has no relevance on how much space you have on your xbox. It is just certain Models are effected more then others. Instead of pulling the XBOX serial numbers into it, it is easier to just explain a model as "The 4 gig Slim" or The "250 gig Slim" or the "Jasper Chip model"

From: Shellman704 | #107
Are you automatically considered an authority because a friend.of yours told you that he had a jesper chip set on his xbox? I guess so in online communities.

No, i was just saying that he also experienced the same glitches and i knew he had a jasper chip XBOX since i was the one who told him to wait till they came out before he bought an XBOX since they were supposedly supposed to cut down the Red Ring Rate significantly.

From: LazerLXXVII2 | #109
Its really easy to make ignorant statements like your own except against you man. Only difference is that people choose not to make them because it adds nothing.

That came out wrong wasn't really meant to be a ignorant statement.
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  3. Is it patched yet for the 4gb Slim people?

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