Worth paying full price?

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User Info: ThirtyThr33

4 years ago#1
I recently got episode 1 for free with the week's ongoing deal, and I'm kicking myself right about now knowing that I could have gotten the other four episodes for $10 instead of $20. Would it be worth it getting the other four episodes for $20 or should I wait until another inevitable sale?
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User Info: AppleJeZus

4 years ago#2
I think it is definitely worth full price, prepare yourself with buckets for your tears though.
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User Info: tubb311

4 years ago#3
I got the free episode and missed the sale by one day. Bought them all full price the day after the sale and i have zero regrets about my purchase. Half off would have been nice but definitely worth it.

User Info: anonymous4ever

4 years ago#4
Got them all on sale day during the last hour. Amazing story, albeit terrible gameplay.

I'm not sure I would have purchased them all at full price, but I'm glad I could take advantage of the sale price.

User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#5
The game would be worth it at 60$ (minus those frame skip issues), so yeah 20$ is still a steal for GOTY.
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User Info: Mead

4 years ago#6
I got more entertainment from this game than I do most of the 60$ titles I purchase.
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User Info: MrDummy

4 years ago#9
In my opinion no, rental is best.

If you are just going to play it once and unless it drops its price, I would rent it.

I got it for 800 points on the 25th and beat all 5 episodes in about 6 hrs. But heard retail disc is buggy though...
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User Info: Shellman704

4 years ago#10
Well if you played ep1 and the gameplay didnt bother you and you loved it then buy the rest at 20$.. if the gameplay isnt what you expected then you prob wont want to pay 20$ for it.

There is another option, you can buy the disc for 30$ and at least have the option to resale it later. There are problems with the disc and 4gb xbox users not being able to play it at all so just know that if you have the 4gb xbox
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