Can't start episode 3

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User Info: imran_666

4 years ago#1
At the end of episode 2 the stats screen freezes I can press start and quit to the menu. The last save takes me to about 3 mins until the end of ep2 and the same thing happpens ever time when I complete the episode, I've done it 3x now.

So I thought no probs I'll just start ep3 it won't take my save Choices but so be it, but no it restarts from episode 1 when I select 3.

Can I get a refund for this broken, so called game of the year?

User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
4 years ago#2
This issue happened with me as well. I was refunded for my Episode 2-5 purchases because none of those would not load.
I only paid half price for each and was refunded full price on all.
What is your email? I can gift you the extra points I received.

On the bright side, episode 1 plays fine with no stuttering So I am able to enjoy that.
Canya a l'Europa del capital!

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