Going to get a lot of hate from this....

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  3. Going to get a lot of hate from this....

User Info: BreakfastGaming

4 years ago#1
I really don't care though. You can dislike the video if you want. I love putting up lets play videos and The Walking Dead series so far hasn't got much love, so I'll just post the link here.

If you feel kind enough to watch it, thank you!!!

If you don't watch it, or watch it and dislike it, I understand too. Just some type of constructive criticism would be just fine! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful New Year, and stay safe!


User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#2
Not bad haha, I enjoyed it.

I recommend setting your online settings to 'busy' so you don't get pop-ups during the video.
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User Info: True_Rune

4 years ago#3
I absolutely hate 99% of all commentated Let's Plays......but I got to see the trailer/short film for Mama because i clicked your link....so I'll give you a view and a like.

it's the only one you'll ever get from me tho.
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User Info: rwfan2c

4 years ago#4
Ill Subscribe, i love LP's. But yea i agree with Death, to get rid of your pop ups. Also you dont have to explain everything thats going on on screen, and try to be pretty quiet during cutscenes/conversations. (You can make comments in between lines and stuff like that) But, at least for me, (not sure about everyone) i watch LP's to experience stories of games i have no intention on playing, and still have a generally enjoyable commentary to go with it.

But keep it up. You have no idea how bad some of my Favorite LPers where when they started and they keep getting better. (Not sayng your bad, lol, in fact you are better then PewdiePie on his best day... my god that dudes annoying) But if you want a good example of an LPer that get better all the time ill link you to my Fav LPer.


His name is Phalll and ironically he also did a Walking dead LP. But the Walking dead LP of his was decently weak as compared to his Silent Hill Downpour LP (Which is his best yet IMO) also his Fatal Frame LPs are pretty good as well.

Also as far as Horror games go "Blind" LP's are awesome and much more entertaining, only issue is it would cause you to do alot of editing in post, cause no one wants to watch you fart around on a puzzle for half an hour. lol
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  3. Going to get a lot of hate from this....

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