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User Info: spacecowboy44

4 years ago#31
squdgy posted...
The fact that a certain things is used a lot doesn't make it a cliche. Sounds like you're just jaded.

this...are you honestly trying to say that if you were dying in front of the person you love most...you wouldnt tell them you love them?...i mean really?...you must have never felt love for anyone if you think that is"cliche"
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User Info: Sephiroth2005

4 years ago#32
jimbobrulez posted...
wow... an " I love you" would have been one of the cheesiest things ever. Go watch Titanic.

Heres hoping you get to die without telling your loved ones that you care about them. Nevermind that it might bring some sort of comfort not just to yourself but to them... that craps too cheesy and cliche
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User Info: The_404s

4 years ago#33
Before Lee died, I only gave Clem survival advice, and didn't get too emotional with her.

I said "Save the bullet." and told her that she can take care of herself, she'll be fine, etc.
It was already a terribly painful moment for her, there was no reason to go making it worse by having her shoot you and making her more emotional than she already was.

Besides, why do you need to be shot? Dead is dead, and I had Lee handcuff himself to the radiator.

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