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Are the rumors of the horrible disc version true?

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  3. Are the rumors of the horrible disc version true?

User Info: soothsayer77

5 years ago#1
A girl a work with said that she bought the disc version, and it ran horribly on her console. Really choppy, hard crashes and so on. She said she looked up some info and apparently it's a common problem, although she said apparently it's more common with the 4g xbox's which she's stuck with cause she recently got robbed.

I have a 250 g slim, what's the word on how the disc version would run on that? Or is it just inherently bad? She said the downloaded version worked for her fine, I would just rather have it on a disc.

User Info: AppleJeZus

5 years ago#2
I have the 250 gb slim and it ran fine. Only minor stutters. I know that's not the case for everyone though
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User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
5 years ago#3
I also have 250 gb slim and it stutters quite a bit. I was able to look past that though. Then the game wiped my save twice and I gave up. Now I am UNABLE to access chapter 2 no matter what. I hate this game soooo much. But I also love it soooo much so I bought it on Steam.......

It kills my soul a little bit to give them even more of my money. I just happen to be a bigger Walking Dead fan than most people. I own all the collected Book editions and have been reading the books long before the show was ever announced.

User Info: OKRecords1138

5 years ago#4
I have the 300+ GB slim hard drive, and I can't start episode II after completing the first. It keeps going back to episode I.

To me, that's a big problem.
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User Info: BB52700

5 years ago#5
I have an old 20GB model and it runs ok. some minor stuttering and it froze one time in my playthrough. nothing game-breaking
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User Info: soothsayer77

5 years ago#6
Damn, that sounds like even worse issues than I though. She mentioned erased saves but I forgot about it.

So does the downloaded version work fine?

User Info: Cosmic Mayhem

Cosmic Mayhem
5 years ago#7
My 2 friends that downloaded off xbox live have had no problems.

User Info: RaydenUMK3

5 years ago#8
I have the disc and ran it under one of my profiles that's on a USB stick and had no hard drive in and it ran like crap, borderline unplayable. Then I tried it on another profile on my 120GB HD and it ran fine, it must use the hard drive to store data while playing the game much like Halo 3 and Reach do.
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User Info: Gigabomber

5 years ago#9
1. It won't install to my HD so I have the HD noise for no reason.
2. At the start of every episode there is a ton of lag and lip synching problems.
3. There are often small lip synching issues when the scene switches
4. The game was caught in a neverending loop once (counts as a crash)
5. The graphics glitch out regularly with lines in the ground, or with Lee simply hovering above the ground with his shadow not meeting the ground at his feet (peeves me as it is really distracting)
6. It does occasionally stutter when I need make a decision.

One of the worst games for glitches to happen because of the serious tone. It brings it down from obviously legendary to legendary but rough. Other people are experiencing 10x worse, bringing it to "horrible disappointment" for them.

User Info: soothsayer77

5 years ago#10
Well, I ended up downloading the game, and I'm still having some pretty serious issues. Check out my other topic.. "how am I supposed to feel the tension..." if you want to know the lowdown on those.

And I agree. While the game is something very special and very well executed, the bugs that I've ran into so directly contradict what they're trying so hard to create with this game, a real dark atmosphere with real tension, that it's seriously depressing.

I've only finished EP2 so far, and even though I am loving it, these bugs keep it short from GOTY material for me.
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  3. Are the rumors of the horrible disc version true?

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