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User Info: SomboSteel

5 years ago#1
that is all.


5 years ago#2
We already know, Einstein.
Dead to me.

User Info: Quorthon109

5 years ago#3
Still a great story

Still a great experience

User Info: MrPibbRules

5 years ago#4
I really hope the next season does more to enhance the illusion. Dont get me wrong, love this game to death, but I think it had more potential and would love to see it.
-Javik: You and the Quarian are...joined? -Shepard: You could say that. -Javik: She calls it your emergency induction port? Shepard: I should go.

User Info: SomboSteel

5 years ago#5
Yeah, it wasnt bad as a one-time play. But i dont really have any desire to replay that whole thing if it ends up 99% the same. What i dislike the most is that they constantly imply that my choices matter and are distinct from each other, when that isnt really true.

Its not like if they said it was a Mass Effect style game, where i play through a story and get to pick the dialogue i would hate it. Thats a very successful and popular game, and i doubt that would deter anyone from playing compared to what we already have as the finished product.

I kinda feel lied to is all...

User Info: Kairi221

5 years ago#6
I have no problem with a game having little to no variation the second time around, but I just wish Telltale hadn't advertised it as if your choices matter.
"This does your Christmas!" - Gandob

User Info: Gigabomber

5 years ago#7
If it is your first or second game with the illusion style, it can be a turn off, but after you get over it, you understand that it's like a movie with simply a winding story that brings you much closer to the action and gets you involved in a much different way than any movie, so it's forgivable. You get REALLY attached to the characters, but then do an internet search and realize all you lost was about 5 more minutes of their screen time when you didn't save them, so it's not a huge loss like it feels when they die.

User Info: Tech9

5 years ago#8
Man I totally agree. I think it was after the 2nd episode I went back to see how the choices of saving or not saving Carly affected the story - I was so disappointed.

I didn't purchase the other episodes until last weeks sale. I agree it was a great ride, but why do they emphasis "choice" when it doesn't matter? I hope they learned their lesson because I did - I will wait until episode 2 of season 2 comes out before purchasing, to see if choice matters at all to the story. If not, I'll wait for a sale or cheap bundle.

User Info: JackieMoon33

5 years ago#9
I've been thinking about this and I have a little theory. They only had one ending because they're gonna continue the same story in season 2. They couldn't do that if they had multiple endings(well, they could, but it'd be a lot more work.) Either that or Telltale was too lazy to think up more endings.

User Info: The_N8dog

5 years ago#10
Let's not have TOO many options.
Mass Effect 3 endings anyone?
For the sake of continuity it has to be the way it is. Its not like your choices dont change anything. People stay/go, live/die, get mad at you/loyal based on your choices. - Just about the best video game site ever made!

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