So is it possible at all in anyway? (Spoilers)

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  3. So is it possible at all in anyway? (Spoilers)

User Info: XLegendKillerX

4 years ago#1
i beat the game. and im wondering, is it possible at all that Lee didn't turn and we'll see him and Clem reunited?

After that first season, i feel like im not gonna be able to get as close to any of the new characters (if they have any of course) as i did with the main group, (Lee, Clem, Kenny, Lilly, Katjaa, Carley) they drove me in so much i was so interested in them and the story. it sucks that there all dead except Clem, & Lilly maybe.

i have a feeling if your not Lee and he is, in fact dead. you will take control of Lilly for season 2.

But im still hoping in anyway that Lee didn't turn and die, maybe the reason you cut his arm off, or when Omid says "It's not a full bite" but towards the end the fact that hes passing out and turning so pale and weak kind of shoots that away that he deff is turning and will die...but maybe Clem missed the shot? maybe he just got really sick? i don't know. i just hope in Season 2 Lee, Clem, and Lilly reunite. and there all good. I can't go on wondering all these things its killing me so much how this ended, it was amazing but what the hell! what happened!?
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User Info: JackieMoon33

4 years ago#2
Game ends the same way no matter what you do. Didn't stop me from enjoying it though.

Pretty sure Lee is gonna be dead either way. If he didn't get his arm cut off, he'd turn. If he did get it cut off, he'd have lost too much blood.

That would be interesting to be Lilly in the next game... I've seen some people on here saying they think we'll play as an older Clementine in the next game. I personally like the idea. If not, I hope we run into her at some point in the next game.

User Info: Kairi221

4 years ago#3
His arm was cut off way too late. They did it after Lee was passing out. If Lee's passing out, that means he's already infected him and it's already in his blood. Lee's dead, sorry OP.

I love Lee and I wish there was a way that he lived, but I'd be pissed if they brought him back after that. It'd take the punch out of the ending and just be absurd in TWD universe.
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User Info: rwfan2c

4 years ago#4
the reason so many things were left unsolved is because you were playing as Lee, Lee died where he did... he wouldnt know what happened to Clem or Lilly, or Omid or Christa.

and i've been thinking about this.... The after the credit sequence where Clem is walks up and sits on that log... Where the hell is that? its no where near the city... No train in the shot either. Honestly it doesn't even look like the surroundings of the city at all...

What im saying.. is that after the credit sequence real? or did Lee Imagine it right before death? It would make sense since everything else in the season was From Lee's point of view and we knew nothing at all aside fro what Lee knew.

If you think of that scene like that it makes sense otherwise (if it was real and actually happened) It's a very awkward and out of place scene since nothing else was shown outside of what Lee witnessed himself in the entire season.

Another idea i had if it actually did take place it could signify the player character transferring to Clem. Thats really the only other way it would make sense.
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  3. So is it possible at all in anyway? (Spoilers)

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