Pick 5 Characters from anything to be in your Zombie Survival Group

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User Info: ajemison12

4 years ago#1
Leon Kennedy- not afraid to suplex zombies, has been in survival situations since forever

Bill Murray- Funny keeps group entertained, smart enough to find ways to safely salvage and live comfortably

Optimus Prime- No such thing as machine zombies and always in support of human race

Sinestro- Ring powered by fear? He'd be the most powerful guy on earth in this situation, plus the constructs would come in handy

Kim Possible- anything is possible for her, she always gets out of bad situations safely with no kind of casualties at all and she's 18 so... we need to repopulate eventually, Bill is too old, Optimus is a robot, Sinestro is a diff species and Leon is too bad ass.

User Info: Scruffelz22

4 years ago#2
I would choose 5 godzillas. Mainly for the fact they can destroy anything in their path and their skin is too tough for zombies.

User Info: Knightmare00

4 years ago#3
Silver surfer- To instantly kill any and all zombies we may come across and also able to make the things we need.

Big Boss- To give us the best tactical advice on how to survive. With the boss teaching me, I may just make it out of this thing alive...

Scribblenaut- To supply food, medicine, guns and ammo as they are needed.

Proffesor Xavier- Always useful to have another telepath who could find out peoples true motives. As we come along survivors, he could mentally make survivors do what needs to be done, and he is wise enough and respectful enough not to abuse that power.

Dante (DMC3 version) - Comic relief and is more than able to hold his own.

User Info: spacecowboy44

4 years ago#4
garrus vakarian...best shot in the galaxy

big boss...best leader ever

bobby flay...makes good food

dr. oz....hes smart

miranda lawson...dat ass
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User Info: The_Blazr

4 years ago#5

Cloud Strife - Huge sword makes zombies a tiny problem.

Cpt. Price - From COD, he's one tough mofo and has military training and tactics.

Leon Kennedy - This one's a given

Wichita - We're gonna need some repopulation after the apocalypse haha, and she can use a gun.

Deadpool - I feel like a wild card would be needed to entertain me for the rest of the apocalypse.
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User Info: TrueSephir0th

4 years ago#6
Your mother, 5 times
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User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#7
Goku... gg

A white Cleric from FF, so I can heal dat zombie status

3 hot girls, I guess.
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User Info: destroyerman455

4 years ago#8
Master Chief- He fought off the flood alone which was basically space zombies

Commander Shepard (Male)-saved the galaxy

Commander Shepard (Female)-saved the galaxy and we need a female in the group

Captain America-Patriotic Super Soldier, what more could you want?

Rick Hunter (Robotech)-The best Veritech pilot in the fleet with his epic robot of awesomeness

Its a team that can't fail.
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User Info: zewhitguy

4 years ago#9
Lara croft
Wonder woman
Morgan freeman
Godzilla would destroy King Kong

User Info: jaxjags32

4 years ago#10
Walker texas ranger- Badass
Rambo- Badass
Will smith- Comic relief and never loses at anything
Lebron james- Need an athlete
Annie oakley- Crack shot and need a female
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