What difficulty did you survive the longest in, ignoring Regular Hexagon?

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User Info: Claustrofos

4 years ago#11
I wonder who's the one not living in the real world. You can't seem to adapt to this game, that's fine. But do you really think no one can be better at this game than you? Don't make me laugh. I could see where the exit is and move there. I guess I have precognitive abilities or something. *rolls eyes* Hexagonest doesn't require a single pre-emptive move. Whenever I died, it was because I did something stupid. When my brain farted or my eye hand coordination just sucked. But they were all situations I could've easily coped with had I been better. You just can't seem to accept the fact that you are simply bad at this game.
Even to myself I'm a genius

User Info: Claustrofos

4 years ago#12
Inb4 you learn to play that level and whine how hyper hexagonest is impossible.
Even to myself I'm a genius

User Info: raydowner_uk

4 years ago#13
The more I play it and see how totally random and out of your control it is, the more likely I think it is that the massive 2.5% probably haven't cleared it at all. You're talking about probably less than 100 people, and dropping further still for other difficulties.

All the practice in the world doesn't make you clairvoyant or able to not be forced into the wrong position because the game decided to bring on the next sequence as far away as possible from you; and that is key to it all. The variation in success to failure is massive from run to run and that's the product of the randomness.........anything where consistency isn't possible is even less likely to be clearable seeing as only a fraction of your runs are really in play.

User Info: raydowner_uk

4 years ago#14
Don't know what game you are playing but it's clearly not the same one I am.

You have to move pre-emptively everywhere in hexagonest/hyper hexagon.

If you aren't moving somewhere constantly.... you die

If you fail to see the exit the moment it edges on the screen, you won't have enough time to move there... you die

If you even feather the wrong direction before moving the right way... you die

If you happen to move against the flow of the screen at the wrong moment you can't move far enough..... you die

If you lose the pattern even momentarily... you die

Aside from a bit of knowledge it's 90% guesswork and you will more often than not be wrong, especially if the game throws you an unusual pattern because you'll be out of position and have no time to react.

20s hexagonest
40 seconds hyper hexagon.

Might not be top of the leaderboards but at least it's genuine, and as good as or better than about 98% of people apparently.

User Info: raydowner_uk

4 years ago#15
This game is so flawed that it's not even funny.

I think about 30% of the combinations it throws at you aren't even possible by any method other than luck and being in the right place because you just happen to be there rather than because you planned to be or moved there intentionally.

In some cases it doesn't even let you see the exit of a pattern until you simply don't have the time to travel to it.

User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#16

If I can manage 122 seconds on GODDAMNED HYPER HEXAGONER when my previous record was 59 seconds on it, then you can beat Hexagonest.

You are just terrible at the game, and not willing to admit it. Sure, Hyper Hexagonest has an absurdly low clear ratio (0.6% of Steam users who play Super Hexagon have completed Hyper Hexagonest, compared to the 2.2% of Steam users that cleared Hyper Hexagoner), but that doesn't stop you from sucking. Even now, I'm pretty sure that clearing Hyper Hexagoner with that time was a fluke (combined with a little skill), but I'm never going to deny that I cleared Hyper Hexagon and Hexagonest on pure skill alone. Hell, I would have even admitted I was lucky to get 35 seconds in Hexagonest back then, when I can easily get to a minute in the same mode if I focus enough.

In fact, the only luck-based part is in Hyper Hexagonest from my experience, and even then, the luck-based part is because you're hoping for what you consider an easy pattern to show up, when you can get by every single pattern combination it throws at you.

Too Rant-y;Don't Read: GET BETTER AT THE GAME, THEN COME BACK. (Unless of course, you're already good at the game, for which there is only improvement.)

(Also, if anyone wonders what happens in Hyper Hexagoner once you get to 120 seconds, you begin playing Hyper Hexagonest. Probably would have survived longer if it wasn't for something I never knew about, but still, a 63 second improvement over my old Hyper Hexagoner score of 59 seconds.)

Thank GameFAQs for the Caps Lock rule, or there would be much more capital letters and the rant would be longer. Since I don't want to play "how much CAPSLOCK you can get away with" with the mods, you can kinda understand a slight lack of all-capital text when there should be ALLCAPs text.
You should only judge others by their grammar and how much they whine about stuff. No offense.

User Info: raydowner_uk

4 years ago#17
Far from being "terrible" I'm actually better than the vast majority of people who play it. That's a statistical fact. Your assessment is conjecture colored by your opinion of yourself and how it relates to others in an illusionary elitist world you have created for yourself.

Whilst you won't clear this game without a lot of practice, clearing it still depends to a large extent on luck of what sequence the game throws at you.

The idea that the game can be practiced to a point where luck is all but eliminated is nonsensical, if not only for the reason that the randomness often gives rise to the situation where the exit of the upcoming pattern is the last piece to be brought on screen, making it impossible in terms of reaction and travel time for you to be able to make it over there unless you happened to be near it by chance from the beginning.

The fact still stands that without pre-emptive movement in all but hexagon and hexagoner, you can't survive, but this pre-emptive movement which is necessary for survival will often kill you when the game does something different that you just can't react to and make corrections for.

Even someone who has managed to scrape a clear on these harder modes is going to struggle to clear them with any sort of consistency. Luck is still too big of a factor to allow for successful runs with any reliability.

In short, the game is fundamentally flawed and the lack of scripted sequences is the culprit.

User Info: nick8676764

4 years ago#18
Nothing to do with luck, you never have to preemptively move, you can tell whats coming next, I can clear Hexagoner Hyper mode consistently now

User Info: YakraXIII

4 years ago#19
Hexagoner for me, it was actually the first mode in which I cleared 120s.

Re: (Hyper) Hexagonest: I've cleared both (Hexagonest a few times). The trick is to recognize that there are certain patterns that the game tends towards, and you can often predict the next few walls based on the past couple you just cleared. As a start, it's worth noting that the "180s" almost always come in threes, with a different obstacle immediately after the third.
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