Huge RTTS flaw

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User Info: ThirdDegree

4 years ago#1
Pretty much all I play in this game is RTTS. I occasionally play an exhibition game, but since they added RTTS that's taken up most of my time. That being said, I've never been able to move my player from one game to the next. What gives? I feel like franchise, season and RTTS are the main thing people play other than online matches and every year we have to start from scratch? I'd buy 2013 but this time I actually got pretty far in my player's career and I have no intention to start over. What is so hard about importing stats? I mean I guess they'd have to import the entire roster as well. Perhaps if certain players are no longer in the union that could be a problem. Either way, I'm playing MLB 12 until my player retires. I'm seeing this one out to the end.
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User Info: HwoarangExpert1

4 years ago#2
I'm sure it would cause a massive amount of problems and glitches, such as new stats being tracked in the new game,

and what would happen if you were with a double aa club that changed its affiliation and you imported?
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User Info: Kenny_Van_Horn

4 years ago#3
If rtts had ever changed drastically in the ps3 era, i might understand this better.... but.I've never understood why someone would want to pay $60 just to keep playing the same sports game. How is a huge flaw that you don't have to buy the game every year?
Guerrilla Soldier 4 years ago#4
It's not really a flaw, but it'd be a nice feature for sure. I occasionally go back to my MLB 11 guy because he's in his 10th year and shows no signs of stopping...and I want to make that hall of fame and give him a great career, not just retire him and be done with it. None of my 12 guys turned out to be all that special, so it's easier for me to switch to 13 and start over from anew. 11 guy is gonna keep going, though.
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User Info: Kenny_Van_Horn

4 years ago#5
How is it easier to buy a new game and start over vs. just keep playing the game and character you have?

User Info: Pacotaco180

4 years ago#6
Kenny_Van_Horn posted...
How is it easier to buy a new game and start over vs. just keep playing the game and character you have?

^^ you are missing the whole point. the OP doesn't want to start over. He/She wants the features of MLB 13 with his current MLB 11 RTTS player in year 10 of their career.

As in to import their MLB 11 RTTS save file and continue the career in MLB 13 in the RTTS playing year of 2023.

User Info: Kenny_Van_Horn

4 years ago#7
You should read the whole topic before telling me I'm missing the point

User Info: wwefan4ever

4 years ago#8
Do stats carry over to the next season in baseball? No, so there you go.

User Info: Zadios765

4 years ago#9
wwefan4ever posted...
Do stats carry over to the next season in baseball? No, so there you go.

I'm pretty sure they are talking about career stats and their rtts players rating
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User Info: DrFeelgood1984

4 years ago#10
I'm not sure how they could make it work, but I agree it would be nice to carry stuff over. Just not sure it's possible. I haven't bought The Show since 08 because I invested time scouting, developing, and trading players to build a long-lasting dynasty. With 162 games Seasons I think I'm only on season 3. RTTS as a pitcher moves along pretty fast because you only pitch once a week or so. It's a shame because The Show is the best PS3 exclusive, but I don't buy it every year because it's so time consuming.

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