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User Info: naruto_fan_lee

4 years ago#1
I know this is about the first pirate warriors but I think that everyone has moved here now, but I am missing the moria mark coin in the first pirate warriors it's my last coin to get the platinum trophy then I am going to buy this game, any suggestions on how to get the coin? (characters, level etc?)

User Info: BishonenAvatar

4 years ago#2
If you have the DLC, try going through that. I started racking up all my missing coins when I started varying things up more (such as going through all the different DLC. I think the Drum Island ones were good...and the one where Aokiji vs Akainu happens was decent too.)

Otherwise, you basically just want to play on maps that give a lot of coins from beating generals and such. I usually did a run through a character's entire Log rather than just sticking to Zoro-7. Also its okay to change difficulty to easy to boost your chances of getting a higher beat - it won't effect your coin drop. I got a majority of my missing coins on easy.

Unfortunately, the first game's coin finding system is terrible (the second one at least tells you where you're more likely to find certain coins) and seems to be completely random. All I can say is just keep trying and vary things up. Playing on the same level over and over gets boring, and in my experience varying it up a bit seems to at least help the randomness start to kick in my favor after 5 or so runs.

Oh - and back to high beats - aim for 700!+ I think... was the key amount anyways for max coins at the end. Can get such with Whitebeard easily. And I noticed while going over say 1000! beat doesn't increase coins, it seemed to actually boost rare coin appearances. So can also try getting super high beats - higher than needed.

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