Your First Dark Souls Character

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User Info: VejitaSS4

3 years ago#31
i usually go with a Dex build first so i can use spear and bow

also i roll around a lot
~~ Pizza Crew ~~

User Info: Drain_Bead

3 years ago#32
Where's the "I totally screwed myself" option?

That's totally what I did lol.

Nice poll :)


Never mind, I didn't read properly. Idk I guess.

User Info: gfacchini

3 years ago#33
Dex or Quality. Most likely Dex though.

User Info: Shroom_Soul

3 years ago#34
Agility/dex so I can run around my enemies while shooting them with a crossbow and occasionally slashing out with a longswird.

Watch as the Crossbows turn out to be completely useless...

User Info: Epic_Bear_Guy

3 years ago#35
Pure faith miracle/hex build.

User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#36
Whatever stats I need to use whatever I want to use.
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