think Dark Souls II will be more challenging than Demon's Souls?

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  3. think Dark Souls II will be more challenging than Demon's Souls?

User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#1
Yea it could be. DS sure is tough in epic ways.

User Info: Sanguine_01

4 years ago#2
Remains to be seen but I hope its more challenging than both games altogether. Each game had its challenging moments although I prefer demons souls in many ways to dark. I loved the way the beta felt in term of difficulty and atmosphere and the new trailer with the demons souls narrator is a step in the right direction.
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User Info: getsuei

4 years ago#3
Though I came into demon's souls from Dark souls, I think DeS also had a good number of gimmicky boss battles where if you came in with the right set up, the boss wasn't all that hard especially with the first boss of each world not being all that challenging as later bosses.
As long as From keeps away from predictable move patterns to get in lots of strong hits and huge elemental weaknesses for most bosses while keeping the same aggressiveness of demon souls normal enemies for DSII then DSII could be the most challenging
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User Info: Braid_Dean

4 years ago#4
Demons Souls wasnt hard. Only a 3rd of the bosses werent outright exploitable,
and normal enemies werent anything with the ability to stack grass
and the fact that they did LESS damage than Dark Souls enemies per pound because levels didnt have checkpoints.

And neither was Dark Souls. People just have a naive habit of comparing
their novice experience of their first Souls game with their veteran experience of their second Souls game. When any man with salt
can see that they are equal in contrasting ways.

Dark Souls 2 is blending the traits of both games together however
so it stands to be more difficult on over-complexity alone.
And thats not even considering that enemies
are overall more defensible if the beta is representative of anything.

Should be a good time.

User Info: NuuType

4 years ago#5
It's not fair judging a games difficulty based on your level to exploit.

Sure you could running firestorm everything in 2 seconds flat, but that's wasn't intended (thus, an exploit).

But Demons Souls was the easier of the two, without a doubt. Without exploits.
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User Info: TriangleHard

4 years ago#6
When I saw trailers for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, it didn't look that hard.

When I played them, they weren't that hard.

Dark Souls 2, is actually looking hard.

User Info: Fa1nTy

4 years ago#7
the beta was harder than dark and demon's souls even before the difficulty was changed, mostly due to enemies tracking better and spinning to stop backstabs

however, we don't know how far in the game that area actually was, nor how strong the gear we got was. It was all +0 stuff
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User Info: Suhn-Sol-Jashin

4 years ago#8
I thought Dark Souls was more challenging in some aspects.
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User Info: ThatGuy2599

4 years ago#9
Dark Souls is definitely harder.

But, the issue From has is, ALL THEIR BOSSES are exploitable, almost. Very few aren't.

Hell, some bosses you can kill through the fog - well known too, never patched.

It's crazy. I wish From patched their games regularly, I mean when you can kill Manus of the Abyss from outside of the god damned fog, he is the big bad, the final boss, the hardest one to fight in actual combat...

And you can shoot him to death with arrows through the fog. Just like they don't even try...

User Info: Suhn-Sol-Jashin

4 years ago#10
^ Dat Ceaseless Discharge, though not an exploit, still fun to make him fall.
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