dark souls 2 should probably have some guns

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User Info: SoundNetwork

3 years ago#12
a medievalish theme where everyone ninja flips like a circus clown

User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
3 years ago#13
Oh and a gunblade!

R1 is a sword swing, R2 is a gunshot.

R2 during an R1 will do extra damage.

>. >

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User Info: acangial

3 years ago#14
G1ingy posted...
If there is a gun, it must be a really extreme version of the crossbow. It should fire one bullet at a time, each shot must be followed by a long-ass mandatory reload on the spot.

As opposed to non-stop dark beads?
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User Info: Praisedasun

3 years ago#15
We should get tanks too

User Info: BrokenMessiah

3 years ago#16
I think it would be pretty kickass to have a duel wield elemental gun character. Sure there would have to be some sort of nerf to guns like low damage(like the guns in FFx2) I mentioned this before but everyone called me a CoD fanboy
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User Info: wyvernhbaby

3 years ago#17
I think this would be good. Just like crossbows it's would have to be reloaded after being fired and at low levels take longer to reload until you put points in the right spot. The first guns had a harder time penetrating plate armor. I would imagine eng varying but give it a chance to critical.

User Info: Blocktopus

3 years ago#18
It would be pretty cool to have a Musket, or a flintlock.

Maybe like a musket with a bayonet at the end. You hold it like a spear and the R2 is the shot, needs to be reloaded after you fire. You would still be able to move, but you'd move very slowly while reloading, running is disabled
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User Info: JusticeSword

3 years ago#19
wolf rider posted...
Oh and a gunblade!

R1 is a sword swing, R2 is a gunshot.

R2 during an R1 will do extra damage.

>. >


That supposed to resemble FF8s system? cos its R1 during an X (or O) attack iirc, & R1 during renzokuken, or are u referencing MH?
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User Info: AllGodsDie

3 years ago#20
ThatGuy2599 posted...
Ninja_Gaignun posted...
If there were gun, Astora invented them.

Gun's would actually be pretty normal at this point.

In Dark Souls they already had the know how to create Binoculars, bombs, access to Black Powder.

With Dark Souls II taking place long after the first its entirely possible that guns would have evolved to the point of Flint Locks or even a Pyro based firearm.

Holy. You actually make sense.

Not really, flint lock pistols were centuries after gun powder. Also, applying real world logic doesn't work entirely, gunpowder was brought to Europe by China via the Silk Road. So it is hard to say what the the fantasy logic for this western world possessing gunpowder might be. You would also have to weigh in the fact that these are dead kingdoms that were long destroyed, thus their technology came to halt. Magic/pyormancy existing would also possibly delay the need for personal firearms.
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