Human effigy easy to get?

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User Info: copenhagenLongC

3 years ago#31
ArriOnrpg posted...
Just like how humanity was the only way to return to human form in dark souls, there's no possible way the only way to return to human form and escape the HP penalty in Dark Souls 2 will be finite. It's just a rumor some PVP tryhards came up with to try and countertroll the people wanting a no-invasion mode.

no, its not pvp tryhards spreading this false rumor, its kids butthurt about being able to be invaded in hollow form that are spreading this insane, stupid, and ridiculous lie. Those people wont even be buying this game, and once they're proven wrong you'll never see them again on this board.

User Info: Honakoo

3 years ago#32
in the beta there was a very low chance the mobs would drop a effigy, however this my not be the case in the main game

So like many things we don't have a clue if they are limited or not.

User Info: R_Jackal

3 years ago#33
I feel that effigies will be "more common, but rarer."

By that, I mean I feel like numerous enemies--or all--will have a very small chance to drop them if the beta was any sign.
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User Info: Hierarchy225

3 years ago#34
Cyber_Demon256 posted...
Well human effigies are finite, so there's only a limited amount of them in one playthrough.

Wait what!? If this is true people are going to be nervous as **** about dying. Don't trust anyone or anything.
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