Dark Souls 2 sales in trouble? Strong possiblity

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User Info: HariiMakenji

3 years ago#11
Few things to consider:

1. Dark Souls 2 already has 50% more preorders in the U.K. than Dark Souls. While that in itself won't be enough to guarantee commercial success (especially considering the increase in advertising budget that Dark Souls 2 has had), it's a good sign. If a company can grow it's fan base by 50% per game (and that only on pre-orders) it's a good sign.

2. Dark Souls 2 is comparatively much more in the spotlight than Dark Souls or Demon Souls were at their launches. Dark Souls, while a niche title when launched, gained a lot of notoriety from critics and fans alike. Their was a lot of buzz surrounding the first game, and From and Namco seem to be capitalizing on that to keep Dark Souls 2 in everyone's minds.

3. Dark Souls 2 has received much more advertisement. Whether sales will offset the costs are, of course, not clear yet. So... This could be a tick in the negative or positive column depending on sales.

4. Dark Souls 2 is suppose to be more accessible. This may draw in people who shied away from Dark Souls, as the original was much more obtuse.

5. From what I understand, Irrational Games closure has nothing to do with the success or failure of Bioshock Infinite, but rather that the director of the studio wished to pursue other ventures.

6. From self publishes in Japan. Even if Dark Souls 2 flops, From is in no danger of being closed by a publisher. They were once a small development studio and, most likely, would just transition back into being a Japanese-market focused developer. Hopefully if Bandai Namco did part ways with from, another pub laugher would pick up their foreign distribution.

All in all, it's way too early to be worried about sales, especially when so far things are pointing toward Dark Souls 2 enjoying quite a bit of success.
GT: HariiMakenji

User Info: scamurai

3 years ago#12
Smackpwn posted...
There was already mention of Dark Souls 2 already having more pre orders than Dark Souls, and contrary too the vocal minority of fanboys most gamers do not have xbox one OR ps4, as they are seen as poor investments due to lack of games, ps3/360 is still the predominent platform

Titanfall is on a system that no one wants right now and most people see it as COD with mechs, dark souls 2 is more accessible but still difficult so i dont see the sales being bad at all, dark souls is a game that only has to sell 2.5 million and still be highly profitable due to its lack of micheal bay style cutscenes at every corner and it not needing massive amounts of voice over work due to its more cryptic style story telling approach

The sales that would be catastrophic to any other game would be a success to dark souls thanks to how fromsoft makes a amazing game with what budget they have instead of overspending and having a huge budget like Squareenix and other idiotic publishers and still being unhappy with 4 million sales

Bioshock was just a shooter with a decent story, lets be real, they went under because they didnt do anything diffrent and decided to just make another first person shooter on rails (literally on rails), Dark Souls is too unique to ever go under like they did, nothing else on the market is like Dark Souls

I'm not sure how many they have to sell to be satisfied enough to make another title. You are right that Xbox One sucks as a console but what you fail to consider is how much work the Dark Souls devs but into the PC version this time. Titanfall may sell more on PC than on Xbone. But PC gamers will remain PC gamers so hopefully it will do well on PC; they specifically said that they wanted to make a good PC version this time round because they thought the port of Dark Souls wasn't up to par.

You can't say Bioshock didn't do anything different. It went from being under the sea to being above ground. The original game was based on Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It wasn't some thoughtless military shooter. It had a niche as well.
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User Info: copenhagenLongC

3 years ago#13
I'm pretty sure bioshock infinites budget was way, way higher than dark souls 2 is.

Also, devs today seem to be under the impression that if a game doesnt sell 7 million copies in the first week then its a failure. Dark souls 2, even with the bigger world and bigger budget, still has a significantly lesser budget than bioshock did, as a matter of fact the souls series has always been niche, and niche titles don't have that looming threat of sales expectations that other triple A games have.

User Info: scamurai

3 years ago#14
Someone made a good point. The spotlight. That's a factor I failed to mention. More spotlight isn't always a good thing. Something a lot of people don't think about is; yes, From makes the Japanese version. Namco Bandai did not make Demon Souls (Atlas did). So Namco has expectations for how well they want this to do if they will bother with another sequel.

Another thing to consider is producers. People invest money in putting these games on the market. There are shareholders in these companies. Not so much From (it is their biggest title) as Namco Bandai. I've talked to Namco developers and they have a rather passe attitude toward the whole thing. They only make the US version and distribute it. So it isn't 'their baby'. More like their stepson.
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User Info: dekou

3 years ago#15
First of all, Irrational Games didn't "go under". Even if Infinite was a flop (it wasn't) 2K wouldn't shut one of their best studios down because of it. Officially, Irrational was shut down because Levine and other members of its core team were sick of making mainstream games and wanted to go back to smaller-budget projects. There's probably more to the story, but we don't know any of it.

As for DkS2, it'll sell well enough. It doesn't have a huge budget, but there's still plenty of older consoles around, FF14 is an MMO and not a direct competitor, the PC audience is pretty big and they've got an established and satisfied fanbase. There's little to worry about.

User Info: OkamiCloud7

3 years ago#16
i read final fantasy online and stopped right their.

i've played FFXI for ps2/pc/360 for 11 years... yea im that guy on Odin server who ran around helping everyone.

FFXIV... yea i have that on ps3/ps4. its a fun game a bit time consuming but its fun because of one thing.... interaction with people.... then after 2 weeks it played exactly like other MMO's barely any interaction or people staring at ur gear and asking why your in that dungeon.... cuz apparently u need gear from that dungeon to be in that dungeon...but they dont wanna team with u unless you have gear from their which you dont... because its your first time.... know what im saying?

usually i put the fake "vets" in their place for 14 but anyway.... i doubt all that would be a threat to a souls game... to they made te souls game a BIT more mainstream... and a bit more casual friendly... it still all about 1 thing the cult following.

as for titanfall... i'll wait... looks okay... but running up te walls reminds me of Attack on titans for some stupid reason...

anyway. i fully paid for DKS2 months ago. aint no way any other game could come close to the awesome experience of a souls game
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User Info: Vermillion129

3 years ago#17
My god people need to learn basic accounting and economic before they talk about sales...

No, it's not because of the fans. You may think the fans are the majority buyers, but they are actually the minority.

And no, new generation console is not a threat especially with absolutely no games in their arsenal. Only stupid people sell their console which they play most of their game to buy a new one with nothing to play.

The only reason Dark Souls 2 will failed is because Bamco spend too much money on wasteful advertising (which is quiet a lot at this time, I don't even know why).
"All I know is my gut says 'maybe'."
- Neutral President

User Info: thisongagain

3 years ago#18
scamurai posted...
Before you misinterpret this as some sort of troll, know that I have been playing since Demon Souls in 09. I was excited about Dark Souls as soon it was announced and thought of practically nothing else from spring 2011 to the fall release. Got platinum in both games, etc. I just realized something that maybe some of you guys on here have already considered.

Next-gen isn't the biggest threat to Dark Souls II. I got a PS4 at launch but because of DKS2, I kept my PS3. Titanfall isn't a huge threat either as Demon Souls was a hit when this title was only on PS3. Perhaps the biggest threat to sales is Final Fantasy Online. I just found out the two people I've been playing with since Demon Souls are 'waiting' to get Dark Souls II. One of the two only has a PS3!

I've noticed people have been playing the beta non-stop since release. Personally, it's not my thing. Not at all. If I want to read endless lines of text I'll read a book. And I lack the patience for a turn-based game.

Now some of you will counter by saying "Skyrim released at the same time as Dark Souls with a ton of momentum". You have a point, and Final Fantasy alone would pose no threat to the game. Final Fantasy combined with people who sold their old consoles when they went to next gen, combined with Titanfall for Xbox and PC could be bad (360 people will buy Dark Souls II because of the delay)..

I have played the Dark Souls II beta. I already don't have any question that the game itself has remained true to it's roots, possibly became slightly harder or slightly easier, but It will be the same formula we love. You're probably thinking why should you care if it doesn't sell?

Because of Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite was universally praised. It was a standout, original, title (the third in the series). What we only learned the last couple weeks is that BSI sold so poorly Irrational Games entire staff was let go with the exception of the lead developer. So it won't matter if Dark Souls 2 is good. If it doesn't meet whatever the expectations are for sales, you may never see a Dark Souls game on next gen.

If they had released it on next gen, people would be buying it instead of FF. People would be selling their PS3s, or it would sell enough over time. I fear because the console is reaching the end of it's lifecycle, the game has less potential to sell large numbers over time. I'm no sales analyst but I spent years getting paid to search for patterns in internet traffic and find serious bugs in commercial software.

Have you even been paying attention to any of the buzz surrounding this game? Its been in the top ten for months on multiple consoles, and even when other premier titles have been out. The souls series is hot, and is a pure money making machine. For two reasons one the popularity, and quality of the product is assured. Two its not a triple A title that had a production cost of a hundred million dollars that if it doesn't sell five times the amount of game consoles presently in circulation it will flop, and bankrupt from software, and have konami liquidate them. It was made by a skilled team on a reasonable budget expecting reasonable returns in the positive, or negative.

User Info: _Caker_

3 years ago#19
I think I speak for most normal people when I say we don't care about personal opinions when it comes to sales and economics. Give us facts and figures or forget it, because it's pointless.

User Info: thisongagain

3 years ago#20
_Caker_ posted...
I think I speak for most normal people when I say we don't care about personal opinions when it comes to sales and economics. Give us facts and figures or forget it, because it's pointless.

Fact triple AAA titles out side of over hyped garbage should be ended as an industry. We should go back to the PS2 day of single A to double A titles with lots of creativity, and fun gameplay.
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