Stats, Attributes, Armor Scaling, and Poise ( game play mechanic spoilers)

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User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#1
Hey all, I compiled this info in a previous thread but as I was discovering more and more the format got really gross and unreadable. So, I re-formatted and re-edited. Thanks to folks who contributed to the other thread and contributed their own observations or helped me flush out some of this info (eclipse_exe, sir regulas, haywoco, maph12, willchud, and applesforapples.)

I provided links to footage along with the time stamps to where I referenced this information. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THESE VIDEO, SO BE WARNED. Spoilers can mostly be avoided if you skip directly to the referenced time stamp.


STATS are referring to Vigor, Endurance, Vitality, Attunement, Strength, Dexterity, Adaptability, Intelligence, and Faith.

ATTRIBUTES are referring to things like hit points, stamina, spell slots, cast speed, poison bonus, agility and poise. ( that is not a complete list, there's 24 different attributes) Attributes are modified by stats.

In these videos:
You can see what attributes are governed by which stat because they are highlighted grey.

You can see what attribute value is increased per lvl because it is highlighted blue.
lvling @ 25.00
lvling @ 28:45
lvling @ 20:07

Vigor governed attributes:
HP, Petrify Resist

When increasing Vigor by 1 sl, HP was increased by +30

Endurance governed attributes:
HP,Stamina, Poise, Phys Def

When increasing his END 1 lvl his HP, Stamina, and Poise increased. When he adds another lvl (2 lvl total) Phys DEF goes up.

Vitality governed attributes:
HP, Equip load, Phys DEF, Poison Res

Attunement governed attributes:
HP, Spell slot, Cast speed, Curse RES, Agility

Strength governed attributes:
HP, ATK:Str, Phys DEF

When increasing 1 lvl in STR his HP, ATK:Str went up. When he adds another lvl (2 lvl total) Phys DEF goes up.

Dexterity governed attributes:
HP, ATK: Dex, Poison BNS, Bleed BNS, Phys DEF

When increasing DEX 1 lvl his HP, poison BNS, ATK: Dex , and hp went up.

Adaptability governed attributes:
HP, Poison BNS, Poison RES, Bleed RES, Petrify RES, Curse RES, Agility, Poise.

When increasing adaptability (ADP) 1 lvl his HP, poison BNS, poison RES, went up.

Intelligence governed attributes:
HP, cast speed, Magic BNS, Fire BNS, Dark BNS, Magic Def, Fire Def, Dark Def.

Faith governed attributes:
HP,cast speed, Fire BNS, Lightening BNS, Dark BNS, Bleed BNS, Fire DEF, Lightening DEF, Dark DEF, Bleed RES.


I believe BNS stands for bonus, or bonus to.

There is overlap. Multiple stats can affect the same attribute.

It seems that all attributes DO NOT increase with just a single lvl (1) increase. For example, i noticed it took 2 lvls of STR or 2 lvls of END for 1 increase in PHYS DEF.

Adaptability governs a whopping 8 attributes but only 3 attributes (HP, poison BNS, poison RES) went up when the stat was lvl by 1.

To my surprise, attunement effected both cast speed and agility.

To my surprise, adaptability did not effect Phys DEF.

To my surprise, faith gives you a bonus to bleed.

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#2
plz wait to post adding more info

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#3

@ 3:11 you can see the equip screen and armor stats.

Evidently, armor scales with physical defense.

The icon in the bottom left corner of the equipment screen matches the physical defense icon from the attribute screen. It is followed by a scaling rating.

The icon in the top right of the corner of the equipment screen matches the poise icon in the attribute screen so we can likely assume that it specifies the poise value for the selected armor

Examples from the video:

Brigand chest piece: poise = 0 physical defense scaling = B
Knight chest piece: poise = 20 physical defense scaling = A
Old Knight chest piece: poise = 40 physical defense scaling = A

When he puts on the old knight chest that has an A scaling you can see that a bonus of +43 is added to plain physical defense, strike defense, slash defense, and thrust defense.

Watching him change his armor, you can see the bonus fluctuate w/ the armor he chooses. He puts on some E scaling gauntlets and they grant him a physical, strike, slash and thrust defense bonus of +14.

The other attribute icons in the armor screen appear to be magic def, fire def, lightening def, dark def, poison res, bleed res, petrify def, and curse def. These do not appear to receive any benefits from armor scaling.


Characters that invest highly into stats that grant physical defense (END, VIT, STR, DEX) are going to get some nice scaling physical defense when they wear armors. Not surprisingly, it appears that heavy armors scale better with physical defense than light armors. But even lighter armors that grant no poise, like the brigand chest piece, still grant a B in physical defense scaling.

Also, the stat scaling did not seem consistent with the entire set. For example the Knight Chest piece had a physical defense scaling rating of A, but the Knight Helm only received a scaling rating of C.

Since adaptability DOES NOT grant additional physical defense, I dont think armors will scale with adaptability. ( I am not accounting for unique armors that may have unique scaling rating)

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#4
plz wait to post adding more info

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#5

*For this info I used the videos I already posted as the basis for the info, namely portions that featured the armor equip screen and portions of video where the player leveled stats like endurance and adaptability.

In the attribute screen there are actually TWO DIFFERENT icons for poise. One icon is green with what appears to be a torso and the other is blue and appears to be a shirt or something. Two separate icons, two different values, BOTH are for poise. (values are located in the 3rd and 4th column to the right, both are at the very bottom in their respective column.)

When comparing icons, I noticed the green poise icon was absent from the armor stat screen.

When i watched the player level endurance, both poise values increased the same amount, leading me to believe that total poise is indeed the blue poise icon on the attribute screen.

I believe what we have is here two different poise values.

We have what I will call "natural" poise (the green icon) granted to us by increasing endurance and *possibly adaptability ( see note for details) and we have poise that is granted to us by equipment such as armor. When added together, these values give you your total poise, represented by the blue poise icon on the attribute screen.


When I saw the player increase endurance from 8 to 9 poise increased poise by 0.3. But, it does not appear like these gains occur every time you level, because when the player leveled END from 9 to 10 there was no change in poise value.

I am still unsure how adaptability effects poise. When the player goes to level poise, it highlights the green icon poise value. But when leveling adaptability from 9 to 11, there was no change in poise value, yet the attribute was clearly highlighted. I was unable to observe the player level adaptability to 12.

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#6
main post complete

User Info: Sleep-pk

3 years ago#7
LOL i hope someone actually reads this cause you put alot of effort into this.
(The laughing man that created pluto's kiss & killed the original sin) (Came out of the gungrave busting with my bad thot Revy...what did you expect)

User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#8
Sleep-pk posted...
LOL i hope someone actually reads this cause you put alot of effort into this.

Ya it is probably TLDR. At first I was just looking for info on which stats affect which attribute but it lead me to discover alot about the mechanics, hence wall O' txt.

Thing is I havent seen this info in any AMAs so I felt it warranted a large post.

User Info: Lautrek

3 years ago#9
I've certainly read all of this, it's very useful stuff. For all of us. Thanks for the effort ratt.

User Info: GuyIncognito_

3 years ago#10
Great work!
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