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User Info: Zasamel01

3 years ago#21
I'm soo glad for the new system no more capping of build and everyone will have to make the long trek to max level cause either way you will have to fight high levels.
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User Info: Typhlax

3 years ago#22
Gtarhead posted...
Fafnir posted...
Gtarhead posted...
125 was fine in DS1 and still works well in DS2.

I'd suggest we stay away from the arbitrary argument of "it worked in the previous game, so we'll just use it in the sequel too."

Ideally, we'd want to have a level that would be optimal for the development of a PvP metagame in DS2 that allowed players to have a wide array of options, while providing limitations that didn't overcentralize gameplay to a few specific builds. DS1 shouldn't be used as a barometer for this, due to the vastly different stat system.

That's my personal opinion. Why so butthurt? I just love to play with points when you can't get everything you want.

...What's so butthurt? The guy just explained pretty concisely why it's silly to base on a previous game and that the level cap should probably be different considering the different stat mechanics.

Do you just call everyone with a differing point "butthurt?" That doesn't even mean anything.
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User Info: Fafnir

3 years ago#23
Vaz126 posted...

FYI it's not a discussion when you're just trying to enforce your own ideas, especially when the game isn't even out yet for the majority to decide.

...he's free to expand his argument and convince me otherwise. A discussion implies an exchange of ideas. They don't always have to coincide. There's nothing wrong with me explaining why I disagree with his idea. Likewise, he's free to explain his own thoughts behind it.

Raven_Shikumi posted...
TC, it's utterly foolish to ignore the new matchmaking system.

There is no point to capping builds artificially, any wins you get from invading WILL raise your matchmaking limits, regardless of what you spend the souls on or if you spend them at all.
You'll keep being matched with people who play as often as you do and who WIN as often as you do(or just generally farm the equivalent amount of souls).

You will eventually begin to lose a lot more though as you start getting matched with people who didn't cap themselves, and there's nothing you can do except die and continue to be matched to those same higher leveled folk.

The only way to stop this would be to simply stay in NG, forever. Which will prevent you from ever having access to the game's full suite of weapons and armor.
On the "plus" side, you'll only be matched to people who took the same mentality you did, though obviously if you're the best, eventually you'll be alone, because your soul history simply won't match you to anyone.

At which point, the PvP community will die off, or From will have to fix it.

Since we don't know the nature of the system at higher levels, and since there's nothing we can really do outside of die off in the even that it works in the way you suggest, there's no point in speculating about the nuances of it.
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User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#24
Do we have hard data on match making, soul history or whatever? Or is most of this just theory gleaned from tidbits of info?

Hook up a link to the info if ya got it.

User Info: Nashandra

3 years ago#25
Nobody knows precisely how the souls acquired will play into matchmaking. It is unlikely that they will alter the way that the Red Sign Soapstone works, and I am pretty sure that item still exists.

As for the level range, there is no reason why the level range of the first game should arbitrarily be used in this game that has different stats that do different things.

User Info: Max58201

3 years ago#26
ratt80 posted...
Do we have hard data on match making, soul history or whatever? Or is most of this just theory gleaned from tidbits of info?

Hook up a link to the info if ya got it.

the souls gained is how you get matched regardless of soul level is a rubbish rumor people are clinging to very hard for some reason it just affects matchmaking in a way a lv 100 with 100 mill souls gained will be paired with the lv 100 with 90 mill souls gained vs the one with 5 mill souls gained a lv 1 with 100 mill souls gained is NEVER gonna get invaded by the lv 100

and the only people who want a raised soul lv cap are the ones so determined to get the perfect soft capped pvp build which will just lead to identical cookie cutter builds again

its stupid to want to raise the sl cap for pvp instead of having to decide between which stats to raise people just want to soft cap everything
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User Info: zUkUu

3 years ago#28
Lets take the deprived as example and make a simple melee build that reaches all soft caps:

Vigor: 20
Vitality: 29
Endurance: 20
Adpt: 20(?)
Str: 16
Dex: 40

That's sl 109. For hybrids and caster it'll be much higher. I'd say 130-150 sounds pretty reasonable. Caster sac vigor for attunement. Melees get a few extra vigor or endurance or vitality points at the expense of no magic.

User Info: theonlyrufio

3 years ago#29
Fafnir posted...
Honestly not a fan of going into the 200 range. It looks like once you start getting to that point, there's a lot less need for care going into player builds.

NoClosedDoors posted...
You'll have to see how much souls gained. 19k souls to level to 58 in Dark Souls. It's 19k to level 122 in Dark Souls 2. Pvp range will probably be nearing 200.

Only 19 k souls? To get to 122? U sure the last giant gives 10k... seems hard to believe that 2 bosses could get u to sl 122...
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User Info: Fafnir

3 years ago#30
He means 19k to get from 121 to 122.

Which is still irrelevant, since the amount of souls needed to reach the optimal level for PvP builds is irrelevant.
PSN: TheManingrey
ACVD ID: Wintermute / 3DS FC: 0860-4081-6465
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