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User Info: Adavent

3 years ago#1
In Dark Souls, you had a way to level up in every covenant without going online (you had a way to farm Sunlight Medals, Souvenirs of Reprisal, and so on).

Will this still be possible in Dark Souls 2 ?

Specifically, rumors say that an item given by the Rat Covenant will allow the respawning of depleted enemies.
Will this item be obtainable offline ? Which would allow anyone to farm at their heart's content.

User Info: Max58201

3 years ago#2
from what I have herd no you will not be able to

but at the same time from what I hear you do not need nearly as much of the covenent tokens like in dark souls
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User Info: Zombie2626

3 years ago#5
Avoiding spoilers but did look at the covenant requirements to level up. Pretty brutal. You aren't going to max out all these covenants unless you put in A LOT of time into pvp.
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User Info: caramel_cod

3 years ago#6
tln posted...
What are training matches and deathmatches?

Not really a spoiler, but just being safe:

Training matches are 1v1s against fellow covenant members that can be done at a covenant's shrine. Death matches are arena fights.
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User Info: hkfourtyseven

3 years ago#8
First of all, if you really have to kill that many people to get max rank, that's ridiculous. Secondly, I'm sure you'll be able to increase the rank offline somehow. They did in Dark Souls and I don't see why they wouldn't do it here. If they didn't, that would essentially be screwing over the people who can't/won't play online.
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User Info: loseswithluigi

3 years ago#10
I got a Sunlight Medal and a token for the Blue Guardians as a random drop. There are no trophies for having unique equipment, but you'll have to play some Bell keepers among other things to get all the spells.
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