the last giant spoilers

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User Info: artraider

3 years ago#1
how do you beat the last giant? I saw to shoot at his body and sometimes he falls over but I have never gotten him to do it consonantly.I tried to fight under his feet but still get pretty hurt.
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User Info: chaosmako

3 years ago#2
LOL thats where i am. i get one shotted by his curb stomp
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User Info: KingofDeceit666

3 years ago#3
I just hacked at his leg with the fire longsword until he died. :\ - -

User Info: Stretched_Lobes

3 years ago#4
Stay behind him between his legs.

Take a few pot shots at him. When he goes to stomp, roll backward.

Be mindful of your stamina. You don't want to attack too much to where you can't roll. QQ

User Info: diabolical

3 years ago#5
I just rolled a lot and hit him repeatedly with a two handed weapon. Don't use lock-on either.

User Info: ShadowXardas

3 years ago#6
With melee oriented characters what I have found to work is a slower but safer method:

Run at the boss to bait his side sweep move. While he is locked in the animation maneuver around and hit his ankles. Depending on your weapon you can get off 2-3 hits before you need to move to avoid his stomp move. Stay patient and careful and keep chipping away at him and eventually he falls.

For mages in particular all you need to do is summon Mild-Mannered Pate right before the boss and let him tank it while you spam soul arrow and great soul arrow. If you are not human then run at the boys to bait his sweep move and pepper him with spells. Stay mobile and cast when the oppertunity presents itself.

Basically in general be more cautious and don't run up and spam attack on it and expect to live. Your first priority is not getting hit. Attacking is secondary. Eventually you will get him.
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