White knight? (Possible Spoilers)

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User Info: lopismaster3

3 years ago#1
So Im cruising through FoTG and I see a sign on the floor infront of a ladder saying tough enemy ahead. I figure im pretty good atm so i go up there to see what it is. Next thing i know a giant eagle flies over my head and drops down this huge guy in all shiny silver armor with a huge shield and even bigger sword. He doesnt even walk he glides. He took me out in a matter of minutes.
Is this these white knights im hearing about?
And what does he drop when he is killed?
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User Info: jonnovision1

3 years ago#2
he's an actual boss later on, during that encounter you either kill him (and get the same drops you'd get later) or die and he never appears there again
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User Info: chaosmako

3 years ago#3
i ran..... i had a sliver of health and like, 6k souls. not alot, i know, but alot for me. and then he disappeared, and i havent gotten him to show up again.
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User Info: Siegfied91

3 years ago#4
This is The Pursuer. He killed me too at that point as I was going for the hollow knight who throws firebombs at you. He's a mandatory enemy a bit later, but that "aerial insertion" encounter is a one-off as far as I know. With that said, Taurus demons became regular enemies late in DS1 (so I wouldn't rule it out for the late-game).
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User Info: Suppa Ugly

Suppa Ugly
3 years ago#5
He's actually an enemy called The Pursuer. That's a one time encounter where you faced him. You can actually fight him later on in the same stage. There's an object in the second time you fight him that makes the fight much easier
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  3. White knight? (Possible Spoilers)

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