Getting Started: Tips for New Players

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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
3 years ago#21
Nice. Well done DuneMan.
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User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#22
Just to let you know soft cap for VIT is 29 not 20. 1 - 29 is the same. 1.5 increase then it changes to 1.0 at level 30.
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User Info: Obie79

3 years ago#23
one more tip go purchase the pharros stone from the old merchant hag by the bonfire by the first boss and spend 10k souls with her so you can get the ring she gives as it gives more souls.Also use the pharros stone on the wall under the ballista room to get a ring that restores your stamina rather quickly,,very useful especially since its available early.

User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#24
Trasken posted...
cloranthy ring (spelling?) is REALLY useful, forget where it is though, i think in the first place where you need to use a pharros lockstone

The Chloranthy Ring(new spelling) is also in the ballista trap room in the Forest of Fallen Giants; as a result that room is fairly significant for most characters.
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User Info: 3DJutsu

3 years ago#25
Add in that if you spend 10k souls on Melentia, the FoG vendor, she'll give you a +1 Silver Serpent Ring.
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User Info: CGlade

3 years ago#26
Great writeup!

User Info: Teh_Facepawnch

3 years ago#27

User Info: TheRobotArm

3 years ago#28
Much thanks for the awesome guide! Got any advice for a new player wanting to use heavy weapons(Halberd, greatsword, etc)?

Thanks again!
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User Info: SRC1990

3 years ago#29
should include the Ring of Life Protection uses too

User Info: Loganfi

3 years ago#30

You should mention that the Cloranthy ring is also in that room with the Blue shield in the Forest of the Giants. I wish I had known about that my first time through there. My favorite ring.
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