Getting Started: Tips for New Players

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User Info: MarineMendoza

3 years ago#51
Tobajas posted...

Some early boss strategy namely The Pursuer The Pursuer while to some might seem almost undefeatable is extremly easy in the way that if you wear a shield as any class and then line him up towards one of the ballista's and use the deflect shield attack he will be staggerd for a long time making it very easy to run to a ballista and shoot him a single ballista shoot will almost kill him. Also you dont need the str to wield a shield to do this I did this with my caster who has 3 str and used a shield that required 10 str I deflected his first charge attack, shoot him with the ballista and then two great/heavy soul arrows killed him (it's the spell you get from the ballista trap room).

What do you mean by deflect shield attack? Do you mean a parry with L2? or a shield break with R1?

User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#52
MarineMendoza posted...
What do you mean by deflect shield attack? Do you mean a parry with L2? or a shield break with R1?

He means parry.

But yeah, visiting No-man's Wharf early on offers a lot of nice stuff: Pyro Flame from the room after the boss, Carhillion the spell merchant, an Estus Flask Shard in the small building at the far end that is filled with poisonous vases(there's also a breakable wall in that building).

And yes, by having Licia rotate the path out of Majula toward the Huntsman's Copse you can find a Hexer in a chair who will sell you better stuff than the abysmal starting Sorcerer's Staff.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

User Info: RubMyDucky

3 years ago#53
Tagged. Thanks TC.

User Info: penguin_knight

3 years ago#54
If you chose the deprived class, you're actually not naked, there is a set of the original armor in your inventory.

User Info: Renegade

3 years ago#55

Good posts, Duney.

One thing, however:

Endurance is steady past 20

Endurance is, in fact, tripe past 20. Literally 50% diminishing returns on Stamina gain, which is the main reason for the investment.

Between the three Dragon Rings and the top tier Cloranthy Ring, no one ever needs to go past 20 Endurance in any sensible build. []

User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#56
Where exactly is the Chime and Morning Star in Majula? I looked around and found quite a lot of other stuff but can't see these things.

User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#57
As you exit Things Betwixt hug the cliff in front of you, you'll see a break in the small stones on the edge and looking down reveals a platform. Drop down to it, the drop to the path even lower, and turn around to see the pickup.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

User Info: ManjiSTP

3 years ago#58
Ah, thanks. Found them now.

User Info: roguelex327

3 years ago#59
Okay, question about Hexes scaling to the lower stat. Is that a glitch that will get fixed later or is it really supposed to be that way. It just seems like a weird design choice to me because it completely negates the advantage of using both stats in the first place. Unless I'm not understanding something....which is entirely possible.

User Info: rjames80

3 years ago#60
Wanted to add a couple more things here for people getting started that would like to get summoned to help other people.

The small white soapstone can be found in the second bonfire room in the Forest of Giants. In the bonfire room with the merchant there is a set of stairs that leads up to a locked door. You can attack the door a few times to break it. Inside is the small white soapstone and, if I remember right, and estus shard used to upgrade your flask at the level up lady in Majula. The small stone only lets you join people for a short amount of time but you get a smooth silky stone once you leave them. It is also allows you to regain your humanity and health if you are far into an area and don't want to go back to a bonfire.

The white soapstone can be acquired from Pate (sitting on a bench a little ways down from the ballista room in the Forest of Giants) after finding your way back to him once you enter the room next to him and the gate drops. Cross the archway next to Pate and the gate drops, locking you in. Find your way back to Pate (I believe its the only way to go once you're locked in that room) and talk to him a couple times to receive the white soapstone.

One more item of interest is in the ballista room again. Go down the ladder in that room and there is a locked door. Attack the door and wait a moment for an enemy to open the door. I believe there are a total of 3 enemies in the room along with a large titanite shard (good for getting a weapon to +4 at the blacksmith) and a life ring that increases your max HP. I'm not 100% on the items in that room but I believe those are the two items that you get. Maybe somebody can confirm for me?
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