Illusory Wall locations?

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User Info: DismalFaith1

3 years ago#1
So I made it quite a long way before I realized that you had to press the interact button to reveal the illusory walls, and so now I'm just wondering where are they all located so I can go back and find them...

I already went back and found the four-or-so in the Ruin Sentinel Boss room, but does anyone remember any of the other places they were in?

User Info: Archwing3441

3 years ago#2
..wait, what!? seriously? I just assumed they got rid of it for the pharos lockstone T_T
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User Info: DamionL

3 years ago#3
Wut? WUT?!?! I didn't even know
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User Info: -TheZodiac-

3 years ago#4
Whoa whoa whoa whoa.... wait what? I'm at drangleic castle and I didn't even know that

User Info: Prophi1120

3 years ago#5
Yea I personally just found this out as well. Lol
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User Info: laserbears

3 years ago#6
I just learned now too. Here's one. Warp to The Saltfort from Sinners Rise. Take the elevator down to the bottom. Kill the mutant brute on the left then kill the one through broken wall on the right. Start mashing X on side wall near the hole for a Northern Ritual Band.
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User Info: daemonic_91

3 years ago#7
Just skimmed through the players guide real quick and it looks like there's only 7 areas that have interact-able hidden walls.

Lost Bastille - 8 (6 are in or around the Ruin Sentinels Boss room alone)
Huntsman's Copse - 2
Earthen Peak - 1
Iron Keep - 3
Undead Crypt - 2
Aldia's Keep - 1
Memory of Orro - 1

There are also a few places that have breakable walls as well, although it didn't look like quite as many. Again, I only skimmed through it quickly as it's pretty late here so I might have missed some or even miscounted. I'm also in the middle of playing still.
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User Info: firemoon5

3 years ago#8
After you kill the sentinels and get to the bonfire and go out the doorway you will get to an area with those body slam guys. Look for a cell next to the cage with the body elevators and the corpse on the ground.

In that cell you can interact with the wall and then in that angled hallway there is a second wall you can interact with. Off hand I can't remember what was in there though

Hope that helps
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