Estus Flask Shards?

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User Info: FayteBlade

3 years ago#1
So I've beaten a few bosses so far and I have found any Estus flask shards and honestly it sucks a little bit XD

Where are they?

Which ones have you guys found?

I've beaten FoG Giant boss, Pursuer and Dragonslayer so far. Working on Old dragonslayer.

User Info: Vaz126

3 years ago#2
One's in Majula, another is in Heide's, I think the wharf contains a third.

I've currently got 4 +3 estus flasks. Haven't found any shards after those 3.
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User Info: GotRads

3 years ago#3
One is in the well near the large house in Majula. Smack the rock on the edge of it and it'll come out.

User Info: laskal

3 years ago#4
they will start popping up, just explore. I finished the game and overall have 10 estus flasks and +5 upgrades on them...
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User Info: Frunch

3 years ago#5
I have found 3 so far, which gives me a max 4 flasks.

2 are located in the hub area, one of these requires a house key from an NPC in the forest. Other was found hitting the rock on the well in the same area of the house.

The others I believe I found after getting the soldiers key and opening and exploring those areas after the boss.

User Info: SA200

3 years ago#6
There's also one just up the stairs in a room from the merchant near the bonfire in the Forest
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User Info: rjames80

3 years ago#7
One is in the mansion in Majula. You get the key to the mansion by talking to a cartographer NPC several times. I believe he was located in a section of the Forest of Fallen Giants.
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User Info: McJeph

3 years ago#8
Majula 1: Hit the rock on the edge of the well near the big manor.
Majula 2: In the manor mentioned above. In the basement.
FoFG: Go up from the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Smash the door. There will be one in there.
Lost Bastille: In a corridor of the first courtyard.
Shaded Woods 1: Behind the locked door underneath the Giant Basilisk. Requires Fang Key (acquired from petrified monster down the tunnel).
Shaded Woods 2: Room opposite Old Akerlarre bonfire.
No Mans Wharf: In a house near the lever for the ship.

There are more as I'm up to 9, but I don't remember.
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User Info: DexterFalcon

3 years ago#9
I've lit 2 primal bonfires and have 7 Estus +3. Don't think I've missed many , but who knows with all these invisible walls!

User Info: Akazora

3 years ago#10
1.) Small well in Majula. Hit the rock.

2.) Locked mansion basement. Key is from an NPC in forest of the giants, in the area before where the second boss first drops off. Not the fog gate.

3.) Forest of the Giants second bonfire where the vendor is, break the wooden door and its above her.

4.) Lost Bastille, Deadman's Wharf side. Can't remember exactly, think you drop down onto the broken wall and just follow it?

5.) Deadman's Wharf, the house with the poison vases. Its on the ground level on the ship side of the stage.

5 early game ones off the top of my head.
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