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User Info: knight_lord

3 years ago#1
i put in a lot of points into adaptability and i dont notice any change in my characters rolling speed or his poise. What good is adaptability? By the way i have notice that there are two parry animations, but i keep getting the one where i stab the enemy while he is laying on the ground. How do you get the other parry animation?

User Info: applesforapples

3 years ago#2
I say its the new resistance. Honestly I've seen it at 4 and 20 with this character and I don't see enough of a difference to validate putting points into it.

But thats just me, I say that about a lot of stats, which is why I'm wearing unupgraded cloth armor and still have my starting 10 vigor. Some people might feel like they need it. I don't.
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User Info: morenthal

3 years ago#3
you need to level endurance along with adaptability to see real poise increases, also adaptability increases how fast you drink your estus flask/lifegem (not too sure on the lifegem but definitely the flask) also it increases how far you roll i believe, not how fast

about your parry question, that is based on weapon type i believe

User Info: brwnhawaiin

3 years ago#4
I might be crazy..but i felt like my hitbox "area" went down as i increased ADP
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User Info: tuznecote

3 years ago#5
^ I wouldn't be surprised. It probably adds story to the game and frame rate.

Can't stand adaptability.
Adaptability sucks.

User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
3 years ago#6
It increases i frames supposedly

User Info: Robert1514

3 years ago#7
tuznecote posted...
^ I wouldn't be surprised. It probably adds story to the game and frame rate.

Can't stand adaptability.

what sucks about it?

User Info: crazyj10

3 years ago#8
Adaptability also increases recovery time when you get stunned, helps keep you from getting stun-locked by slower enemies.

As for the parry thing, I think the other animation your thinking of comes from guard-breaks, not parries. I miss the old ripostes, they were satisfying.
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

3 years ago#9
Adaptability is the best stat in the game for any build, period. It doesn't LOOK like it does anything, because it doesn't speed up animations, contrary to how people word it. What it does is it cuts down the post-animation delay that you experience when you make any sort of action, be it dodging, chugging a flask, raising a shield, etc. It makes your character quicker and snappier and closer to a dks1 light build. It also increases your iframes, so your rolls (despite not looking the part) act just like ninja flips at high adaptability.

Basically, except for small humanoid creatures, I don't even block anymore. Adaptability makes bosses a joke. Ruin Sentinels were like nothing to me with high ADP/AGI, beat them first try. And the pirate ship boss, and many others.

This is how people tend to test ADP "okay, chugging a flask and.... it's the same damn speed" when really they should be chugging a flask, and seeing how quickly they can dodge afterward.
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