FAQ - Doors, Treasures, Areas, Hidden Bonfires and a Short Walkthrough

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User Info: Vpotato

3 years ago#61
kcoolman999 posted...
How do i removed the Curse don't know where i can restore my health from it.

Are you referring to the reduction in health when you die? If you are, you have to use a human effigy to restore back to your human form and have access to your full life bar.
If you remain a hollow (dead) and you keep dying, your health will decrease little by little. The reduction will usually cap at 50% of your full lifebar. I've heard that if you sin, it could possibly reduce below the the 50% cap.

So yes. Using a human Effigy will solve that problem.
if you don't have one, look for the ring of binding. It will increase you lifebar while you are hollow. That might give you a better edge until you find an effigy.
Or you can help defeat a boss in coop. There's a lot of talk about this being a bug, but it worked for me.

User Info: pondrthis

3 years ago#62
Speaking of how do I removed the curse...

...what do curse and petrify do in this game? I think I saw some guy on a staircase who had been petrified (instant kill?) and I broke him for modesty's sake, but I have no idea what curse does.

Also, I'm not 100% on bleed and poison either... set % of HP instantly in the first case I presume, but how does Poison BNS work? Does it increase the amount applied to the bar, the rate of HP decrease, the duration of the effect, or some combination of the three?

User Info: Uptown877

3 years ago#63
gameexpert33 posted...
Uptown877 posted...
Okay two things..

What does this crystal in the second boss room do? Alas, nothing has happened?
You can get there after talking to a NPC in the last area of the game. Credits to Shinjip

What is this? I don't remember a crystal. Does this reveal an item/storyline/quest? I already beat the game but haven't started NG+ yet. Can I still get it?

That Key doesn´t work on the big chained door! How to open that one?
You have to make one of the big enemies break it.

What exactly is behind here? I can never get a monster to break it.

behind the chained door is a chest with malformed shell its a great hammer

Awesome. Anyone know about this "crystal" in Freja's area and what its about?
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User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#64
Curse instantly drains some of your max HP, as if you had died. Certain enemies can also get a buff from cursing you with their attacks.

Petrification is instant death.

Bleed will cause damage and a temporary cut to your maximum stamina.

Poison is wicked damage over time.
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User Info: James7890

3 years ago#65
How do I open the door near the fourth bonfire?
As far as I can tell you only need to be undead to open it, I went there straight after beating the Demon of Song boss while undead was able to open it.
My brother who was further ahead in the game went back and couldn't open it as human, so he died and came back and violá.

User Info: lamentia52

3 years ago#66
how you get in the zeppelin in aerie peak?

User Info: Tamasa86

3 years ago#67
I made a mistake of attacking the ancient dragon before getting the ashen mist heart, am I screwed or do I get it if I beat him. Also is there a way to reset the ancient dragon to talk again....help pls

User Info: quazacotl

3 years ago#68
About that being in the Forest of Fallen Giants who a hawk drops. He appears in Iron Keep , where you fought the first boss. Drops Ring of Blades +1.

User Info: no2morro

3 years ago#69
I am the instrument of providence, she will use me as long as I accomplish her designs, then...she will break me like a glass.

User Info: Benaardwulf

3 years ago#70
How do I get the item (on the wooden platform) on top of the tunnel where we get the Fire sword in Forest of the giants?
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