Forgotten Door Locations

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User Info: Maumacto

3 years ago#1
So far I've found the one that's in Black Gulch and then the one at the bottom of the Pit in Majula. I'm sure I had seen another elsewhere though but I can't remember where :/

User Info: lennylennboy

3 years ago#2
There is one in the Gutter too. left hand side. Gives you the Havel set i believe?
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User Info: xtacb

3 years ago#3
so 3 places in total?

btw what does the door in Black Gulch do?

i went in there and theres just a NPC who says im not Dark enough

i killed the 2 giants, i thought this would let me talk to the NPC?
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User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

3 years ago#4
You talk to that NPC in 3 difforent locations and he let's you join the Abyss covanant.
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User Info: Maumacto

3 years ago#5
I could have sworn I saw another Forgotten Door besides those three though.
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