Dual Wielding Build Tips and Analysis

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User Info: Rein117

3 years ago#1
DW Tips

Insane stun lock capability
Extremely high damage output
Certain weapons + Leo Ring, Blades Ring, etc. can result in amazing damage, poise damage, and guard break.
Fashion, Bad A** what else can I say

Low strength means less shields that can be used. At the least I always pump strength high enough to use the Dragneic shield (or w/e) in times where you need it.
High player skill required
Stamina Micromanagement Necessary
Glass Canon
Dodge Dependent
Stat spread higher IMO
Requires good timing skills
Stamina whore
Expensive as hell

My current opinion, for all the Dualbros out there, is stick with it. PvE wise, it's more challenging. Your going to come across some serious difficulties at times, but it's not impossible.

PvP wise, your going to have to learn what does what, get a feel for your own timing, and for the enemies timing, learn to prododge, and become familiar with weaponry range. Once you do it's pownage time.

Armor isn't that important since your dodging, so this build is basically perfect for you fashionable players. Wear whatever looks cool as long as you have good rings, and good weapons. Stay under 70% no matter what though.

Good rings so far:
Is the ring of blades (extra damage for a damage build should never be over looked)
Coloranthy ring is a must IMO, it can save your life.
Giants Ring is good, but I've yet to fully test this. That extra poise though can mean the difference between stun locking after eating a hit or being stun locked.
Leo Ring if using thrust weaponry

Stats: I believe 40 dex is a must, with 16+ str (whatever allows power stance) is a good start, using weapons with low str req. is a must.
Dual wielding and magic are not compatible for obvious reasons.
Vig. Is good, the health can be helpful and save your life. Go for this last and allocate leftover points here
Vit is semi okay. If your going to be wearing heavier armor or using heavier weapons you might want to shoot something in here. Just make sure you have enough to carry your weapon set fully while under 70%. This is vital. Don't use the royal swordsman ring to achieve this. It's wasted space for this build and is unneeded.
Endurance- max this. Hit 20 before you touch pvp. CURRENTLY investigating if it's worth going over 20 for this build, as it might be. With no official pvp level cap out there though it's hard to say.
Adaptability- cap this. Your build revolves around dodging and moving for survival, this is equally important with endurance, if not more so. Plus that added def is nice for the lack of a shield and heavier armor.

User Info: Rein117

3 years ago#2
Weapons, the fun part.

Rapier- Basic Rapiers. Hella good with Leo Ring, and in general. Quick, good reach, and decent for breaking poise.

Falchion- Slow to start up. Timing is so important here, but the stun lock + aoe capabilities are amazing. Be careful when countering though because if you time it wrong you can get ripped a new one.

Ricards Rapier- useless IMO. Trading out weight and damage for Scaling and a special R2 just is not worth it IMO, plus you'll have to add dex from 40 to 50(ish idr) and that's not cool.

The following are currently being tested:

Mail Breakers- the guard break here is good on paper but needs further testing. Range is scary low.

Katanas- W.i.p

Spears- w.i.p

Claws- can they be dual wielded? Idk yet

More to come

Power stance, is it always viable? No. The move set from a right hand strike to a left hand strike to a right hand etc seems a Little faster than right hand+right hand+etc. this is unconfirmed

BIGGEST THREAT: no shield equals no blocking 90% of the time. Watch out for pike users. Their sprinting attack can hit you before you can dodge on the third strike. So basically you have to try and dodge the first by being out of reach, and dodge roll for the second one so the third misses you during roll, opening for a counter attack.

Good secondary weapon:

Twinblade and shield. Add poison or bleed to this possibly. It's good to whip out and harass a blocker but it is purely situational and requires timing and stamina awareness. This is a situational weapon only. Don't main it or dual world them unless you like broken weapons and empty green bars.

Additions, comments, corrections, insults, and raging is encouraged below.

User Info: Lenas

3 years ago#3
Read whole thing, just wish you knew how to use "you're."

User Info: Rein117

3 years ago#4
I did this from my phone so have a little compassion? :/ My iphone makes use of the apostrophe a pain

User Info: Lenas

3 years ago#5
In that case all is forgiven friend. I look forward to your further studies; do spears!

User Info: Kugutsu

3 years ago#6
Claws can be dual'd. I use them on enemies or players I've already poisoned, to add bleed threat, and they stun lock quite well, but not as well as dual Caestus which has almost(completely?) the same moveset when dual-ing lol
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User Info: Dead-Dragon

3 years ago#7
Claws can be dual wielded, but only with themselves and not any other types of weapons. The damage is piss poor. You also cannot use items to add elemental damage, I haven't tried spells yet though. However you can 2hand it in this game (couldn't in dark souls).

The stone ring is necessary for extra poise damage on your attacks, at least for PvE. Poise doesn't work in PvP for some dumb reason. I'm still trying to find out how the bleed / poison stats work, if it increases damage or proc rate. If it's proc rate then full bleed claws would be pretty good I think. With a backup uchigatana of course.

Edit- wikidot says bleed / poison bonus affects the rate they are applied, I wonder if it applies to throwing knives as well? Hmm. Anyways full on bleed claws should be good. The dual wield l1 attack comes out super quick and you can chain so many hits together.

In the case of twinblades there's a repair spell you know...

User Info: enghu

3 years ago#8
Dual wield doesn't limit to Dex build only.

Greatsword could be a great weapon for dual wielding as the Dex requirement is only 10 (need 15 to enable power stance)

With Greatsword+10/+6, easily get 700-900 per single swing to most mob in the game.

Stamina is no longer an issue if you kill them in 1 hit or maximum 2 hit. High strength enable you to switch to tower shield if needed, which come in handy in boss fight.

User Info: zerobobo

3 years ago#9
the uh, stone ring, the one that adds poise damage. yup, stun lock city with that thing on.
Gamertag: Clonedzero

User Info: Rein117

3 years ago#10
Will do! I'm testing the Mail Breakers currently.
Ill do spears next and most likely Katanas last. I know people have katana fever but their weight and move sets seem to be inferior when dual wielding. I could be wrong though.

When I get around to the claws I have to say it will be fun in that case. I'm hesitant about the caestus because of their c/c scaling though, they might still be viable. Their lack of a status effect seems to make them arguably useless for dual wielding with range and scaling taken into consideration.

I'm interested in also testing out how viable a rapier+poison joust looking thing (can't recall the name, it's move set is equal to a rapier but does not scale, simply has large poison damage) or possibly even the poison joust thing and a falchion/bleed weapon, for dual effects.
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