Dark Souls 2 Hahalo's Beginner Melee Guide to PVP

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User Info: hahalonoob

3 years ago#1
This guide is a simple collection of a standard cookie cutter build for new players that have never pvp. without the need of grinding and going too deep into the game to collect super eq.

If you have played any other Souls game, this guide will not works for you as you probably already know there more variety of build that dish out crazy damage.

To New PVP'er,

The intention of this guide is to ease your progress into the PVP arena. to give you a char with high HP, decent damage, at low level.

Hopefully this guide will give you a place to practice and have taste of blood, before venturing further.

Note this is a non-magic, pure melee build. You can explore further once you feel comfortable and gain more knowledge on PVP.

This guide is also strictly for Bell Tower, Bell Keeper Covenant. Fast invasion with nothing to lose, and net you Titanite Chunk. And due to the tight corner, makes great sword a very deadly weapon.

Starting Class : Knight
PVP lvl start: lvl74

Vigor: 38
Endurance: 11
Vitality: 14
Strength: 28
Dex: 14

The rest maintain the same.

Vigor: Very Important to go high, going low HP means people can take you out in 1 combo.
Endurance: 11 is the prefect number. Just have that extra 2 Stamina to land that extra 1 hit or dodge. Allowing you to do 4 strike of R1, or 3 strike & 1 dodge with the Great Sword.
Strength: 28 just enough to 1hand Great Sword. Have a nice wide angle moveset, and also reduce stamina consumption.
Vitality: I when for 14 because that allows you wear more armor with poise and roll around still.

Weapon: +5 (beginning) and eventually +9 or +10 GreatSword (1hand)
Shield: Any Shield should do, light weight + Magic resistance is prefer.
Ring: Stone Ring, Giant Ring, Blade Ring, and Bell Covenant

Armor: You can go 2 direction.
Packed your charge with maxed out armor gear to 98% which easily give you 63poise, or go 69% that give you that flexibility.

I recommend going 69% especially to fight against caster. For upgrade, well, if you wish. You can do without just fine.

At this build, you'll get around 1.6k HP, dish out damage around 500, and a nice wide angle slash.

How to Start:
Once all is setup, join bell covenant, wear the ring (in human form), stand beside the bonfire and wait for invasion.

Why Bell Covenant?
Remember this is for Practice run, put you with the new guys. And this is the place you get that. People come here often. So practice and learn from others. Once you're ready, head out to join Blood Brother.
You'll also bump into experience pvp'er hunting here. Which is a good learning zone, since you get to see their strategy, weapon of choice. And if you lose, you loses nothing, but gain precious experience.

How to play this build:
Offensive, move into tight corner that have little space for opponent to back up (staircase), and slash ahead. Quite common to just take out a player by that 4 slash. For those shield up, the strategy is to break their guard, and land 1 or 2 hit. Going offensive also drain their stamina, making counter attack difficult. Sadly, this strategy works. I've tried some fancy foot works, push, roll stab, but doesn't seem to work in this zone. The most practical one is to go close and personal, and just slash ahead.
Great Sword have a good reach, and angle, with the lag, you'll very often land some lucky hit.

Worried about Backstab:
The great thing about Great Sword is you turn as you swing. As much as they are trying to circle around you, you're actually swing facing them. You'll cancelled their backstab by hitting them, and you probably land another 1-2 hit. Turning the table.

Note: This Build works fine with PVE also.

User Info: hahalonoob

3 years ago#2
How to level?
Boardsword (2hand) -> Fire Long Sword -> Harlbert (2handed, +2 enough, keep the large titante for Great Sword) -> Great Sword (2hand) -> Great Sword (1 hand)

What's Next after you got bored:
Hopefully with this experience (and 99 titanite Chucks - I got about 60 per day), you'll build up confident that you can take down other players. And you'll learn that some weapon, out class great sword easily. Then you can start looking into build a char to suit let say Katana Class, or Hex, and join the seasoned pvp'er in Arena.

Wish you luck on this! And see you in the combat zone.
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