Old Iron King melee strategy?

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3 years ago#1
Posted this on the X360 board and it got buried so I'm asking for help here. Can you please give me some good melee strategies for this guy? I've died so many times and went through this entire thing ALL of the enemies have despawned. But I still lose either getting whittled down or getting knocked off the small ass platform with holes all over it that they stupidly put you on. Please help me defeat this stupid boss.
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User Info: malicemizerfan

3 years ago#2
wait till he does his swipe to hand slam combo then chop at his hand.

User Info: IIwintermuteII

3 years ago#3
He is really easy, roll away from his attacks, smack his arms. There is really nothing to it. I stayed to the right and rolled left, away from the lava. I used a rapier which took chunks out of his life bar. Easy boss.
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User Info: RuneMaster no2

RuneMaster no2
3 years ago#4
First off, did you locate the secret bonfire that's close to him?

Second, don't try to block anything. I usually try to situate myself on the right side of the arena and when we goes to make an attack I sprint left to avoid it, then follow up with a hit.

User Info: Veluxier

3 years ago#5
Its a simple strategy of roll through everything, and then attack his arms. Staying on the right side of the little arena is good.

Just watch out for his left to right (his left, right) fire sweep. If you don't move quick, that one will get you good.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 years ago#6
when you start attacking, go towards his right arm, so the left of the screen. This will mean as soon as he starts his fire breath, you can run to the edge on the right. I've never been hit by his fire doing this.

I 2handed a greatsword and used gold pine resin. The damage output was scary. Felled the beast quickly.
Don't attack after a swipe, let him do his crash attacks and hit him when he lingers. Only once or twice, don't get greedy.

Edit: Wow I've literally being doing it on the opposite side from most of the people posting. Looks like you can just pick a side and go the other way.
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User Info: Kafiezal

3 years ago#7
I you haven't found the bonfire just before him I would use that to start off with. In the room just before the last turtle knight (with all the fire breathing cows) there is a ladder on the left that leads to it. For the actual fight try to keep him on the left side so you can use the corner of the building as cover. Doing this makes the fight a joke as nearly all his attacks can't hit you. Bait his overhead attack which leaves him open the longest I believe.

When he went under the lava I stayed close to the left to try and make him come up there but I don't know if it had any effect. If he comes up on the right side practice dodging the attacks. If you're able to keep him on the left you should have no problems.

User Info: mundus

3 years ago#8
Just stand on the right side hide behind castle when he breaths fire roll away from his hand attacks, attack his hand rinse and repeat. Trust me if you stand on the right side he is free. First time i killed him i had a phantom with me he was just standing on the right side all fight and lucky for both of us he focused mostly on him. Now i beat him solo without taking any damage easily.

User Info: SolidKnight

3 years ago#9
Super strategy 100% win dominate and destroy strategy legit no hacks:
1. When you enter, go around the corner to the right. His fire attacks cannot hit you there.

2. When his breath runs out, run in front of him to bait a fist attack. When his fist lands, hit it.

Repeat this until he dies.

User Info: OdensRav3n

3 years ago#10
IIRC I got a good damage boost from the magic resin goo.
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