Ancient Dragon - Really easy to beat and Strategy

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User Info: quicksilver117

3 years ago#1
Thanks to Munkie742 and thanks to your sweat and tears, used your strategy and beat Ancient Dragon solo in two tries. Seriously a really easy fight despite all its power attacks.

Original link:

Now I had been practicing the fight by being summoned to help fight it so I pretty know all of its attacks. Quite honestly a REALLY easy fight. You get free Souls, Soul of a Giant, and a Petrified Dragon Bone so why not do it?

What I did for the fight:

Armor doesn't matter but if you must know, I was wearing Black Dragon Armor.

Ring of Chloranthy+1
Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Blades+1
Ring of Life Protection (Sue me)

Sun Sword +10(basically a longsword with a bit faster attack speed)
Blossom Kite Shield

I used Gold Pine Resin as well.

My equipment is geared for me to have high stamina and recovery. I have 142 stamina. The Blossom Kite Shield boosts stamina recovery so I just 2-hand the Sun Sword.

1. Run straight at the dragon upon entering but run slightly left or right so it initiates a forward flamethrower attack.

2. Run to its back legs and attack once or twice and back off.

3. Most important thing is to pay attention to whether or not it is flapping its wings, you MUST be on the move while its flapping its wings otherwise it may be too late to get out of its fire breath.

4. When it flaps its wings, run towards the tail and when it is in the air, FOLLOW THE TAIL. Do not be underneath the tail. You just have to follow the tail and be close to it.

Then you basically rinse and repeat steps 2-4, stay on its back legs, hit 1-2 times and move back. Do not be greedy. Reuse Gold Pine Resin or whatever enchantment you need every time it is in the air using a fire breath and you're at a safety zone.
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User Info: Nashandra

3 years ago#2
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