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User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#1
Hey guys! I put this little ditty together based off of some topics I've seen floating around. Stickies are appreciated!

After much failure, I managed to get all
items on the burning rocks on the base of the Iron Keep. It took a little
experimentation and many deaths to get it right, so I thought I'd share with
everyone else to help avoid any further frustrations.

While I worked through each of these treasures AFTER completing the area,
there isn't any reason why it can't be done up-front. The walkthrough will
cover the way I worked through each item and will cover some enemy and bonfire
locations, but I will do my best to keep out important specifics. Keep in mind
that, true to a Souls game, there may be more than one way to solve the issue.
Feel free to adapt my methods to best suit your needs.

2) Preparation Work [#B]

Before you get started, there are several things you'll need. These should be
obtainable by anyone at this point in the game, and shouldn't require any
specific stat investments or other build-specific requirements. If
applicable, you will also find how to acquire said item, and I'll try to keep
the descriptions spoiler-free (though no promises).

These are listed below in order of importance:

1) ORANGE CHARRED RING: Reduces damage from walking on lava. To acquire this
item, simply rest at any bonfire and travel to the Demon Ruins. Drop down the
ledge and go through the fog door past the narrow bridge. Inside you'll find
your bro Ceaseless Discharge. Slap him a few fives (may take a while with all
those hands), and toss back a couple brews. He's a pretty emotional guy, so
pretty soon he'll open up about how sad it is his sister died and how much
it's taken its toll on him. You're a compassionate person, so listen intently
and reassure him. Ceasey-D will be so grateful for your shoulder to cry
lava-tears on, he'll give you the ring, making the rest of this a breeze.

OK - that's a lie (in case you didn't know already ^_^). That's actually the
FLOORS. The next items are serious, and will actually help you acquire the
treasures below. Again, to be clear:


You just have to decide which (if any) items you want, do your prep work, and
prepare to die. Speaking of...


Ok, I know. It's cliche, but it's also true. Acquiring these items in this
method involves suicide runs - it's easy to get TO the treasure, not BACK from
the treasure. So before you get these items, here are some suggestions for you
as you prepare to die:

i) Have a Human Effigy on hand
You can get one of these as a treasure in the lava, but if you don't plan on
grabbing that one, it'll be a good idea to have one on hand. It likely won't
take long before you're full hollow. There are other ways to restore
humanity, and if you prefer those methods, you can skip this item.

ii) Spend those souls!
Level up, purchase any items needed below, improve your PYROMANCY FLAME,
whatever. If you have consumable soul items, use them to put you over the
limit of level up, or participate in some jolly co-operation. Just be sure
you aren't carrying around 100,000 souls, because you aren't coming back with
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#2

There isn't a single solution for this, as stat requirements and current
options will dictate what YOUR character's best fire-resist gear is. The good
news is that this isn't a deal-breaker, as there are other things that
mitigate the damage much more quickly. Here's the set I used on my Faith based

Alonne Knight Helm: +17 FIRE Resist
Saints Robes: +49 FIRE Resist
Tattered Cloth Manchettes: +21 FIRE
Resist Saints Boots: +38 FIRE Resist

You can see the resist values listed by each item I used. While this will
help you live longer, it isn't necessary. It seems FIRE damage from
lava-rock floors occurs on a percentage basis, so we're just trying to lower
the % of health lost, not an absolute value.


We'll need a few items in place before getting started. Each is outlined
below, along with a hopefully spoiler-free description on how to acquire each.

>>PHARROS' LOCKSTONE: Stone activating a creation of Pharros' the Vagabond

This item is used for the second chest. If you plan on skipping the
second treasure, you will not need this item. There are also ways to
mitigate the need for this, but if you have one, it is recommended and
makes the chest much easier to open.

>>FRAGRANT BRANCH OF YORE: Restore the life of things turned to stone.
LOCATION: Merchant (7,500 souls), Various other areas

You'll need this item to activate the pyromancy merchant who sells other
necessary items. If you don't have one on hand, purchase one from the
merchant at the entrance of the Iron Keep. Once in your possession,
take the path between THINGS BETWIXT and MAJULA. You'll find the
merchant petrified trying to activate a lever. Once freed, she'll sell

>>FLASH SWEAT: Sweat profusely, reducing FIRE damage.
LOCATION: Merchant (2,300 souls)

This reduces the damage from lava. With my build and un-upgraded flame,
this didn't mitigate much damage, but every little bit counts! Just
don't take the looks you get personally. ;^^

>>PYROMANCY FLAME: A flame catalyst used by pyromancers.
LOCATION: Reward for defeating No-Man's Wharf boss

This is required to use FLASH SWEAT. Upgrade as you see fit, and I
used the DARK PYROMANCY FLAME, non-upgraded but full hollow.

>>SILVERCAT RING: Reduces damage from falling.
LOCATION: Merchant (13,400 souls)

The last item requires some falling, and considering we're trying to
save as much HP as possible, every little bit helps!

>>FLAME QUARTZ RING: Fire-based quartz increases fire defense.
LOCATION: Merchant (2,000 souls)

You can purchase the base ring from the same merchant which sells
FLASH SWEAT. If you have the +1/+2 versions, those work even better.
Much like the Fire Resist armor, though, this isn't a deal-breaker.
There are other things that will help you survive better than this, so
you can skip this if you're making it to the chest with your build.

>>**SMALL ORANGE BURR - OPTIONAL: Temporarily boosts fire defence
LOCATION: Merchant (1,200 souls)

This is marked as optional because it overwrites the boost from
FLASH SWEAT. Both can't be active at the same time, and FLASH SWEAT
is more potent. If you can't attune FLASH SWEAT, this is a reasonable
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#3
3) Acquired Items [#C]

This section highlights the five obtainable items on the fire rocks. None are
required to complete the game, so feel free to skip any as necessary. These
are listed in the order they're found, from the THRESHOLD BRIDGE bonfire,
through the last section.

1) HUMAN EFFIGY: Under the Stairs behind the THRESHOLD BRIDGE bonfire
2) BONFIRE ASCETIC: Long Rock Trail past the entrance bridge
3) PHOENIX PARMA: Under the boiler room, right before the first fog door
4) FIRE SEED: Shiny item at the close end of the last lava-rock bridge
5) CHAOS STORM: In the chest at the end of lava-rock bridge found

4) Mini-Walkthrough _Minor Spoilers_ [#D]

In this section, I'll cover the way I went about getting the items. This will
include the general process by which each item is acquired, but will have a
slant based on my personal playthrough. I have broken out the walkthrough by
item, with the number corresponding to section 3 [#C], as each one is acquired
more-or-less independently. Note that this is not meant to be an area-wide
walkthrough. You'll either need another source for that, or discover it on
your own ^^. I acquired these after beating the area boss, so your mileage
may vary based on your current play-through progress.

LOCATION: Under Stairs by the first bonfire, THRESHOLD BRIDGE
WALK-THROUGH: Ok, this is the warm-up one. You'll get the general feel
of just how fast lava-rock damage piles up when not mitigated by other
means. You're on your own to lower the fire damage here, but
fortunately this is close by, to both safe ground and the bonfire
(for when you die).

The preparation steps to get the items won't change, so here's a good
chance to find your method. I recommend doing at least the following,
and you may find that your build requires more/less steps.

>Start by equipping your best Fire Resist gear. My set is listed
earlier in the FAQ, but remember you want to be dashing at full
speed. Keep that weight in mind!
>Put on the Flame Quartz Ring, and any other rings that may maximize
your HP or improves your HP (Life Ring, Dispelling Ring,
Ring of Binding for when you're hollow).
>Remove any weapons/shields. You won't be fighting here, and you
want your equip load as low as possible for fast movement.
>Equip your PYROMANCY FLAME and attune FLASH SWEAT. If you're not
a caster, try the SMALL ORANGE BURR item.

With your gear in place, cast FLASH SWEAT or use the SMALL ORANGE BURR.
Next, tap the Square button to drink Estus - lots of it! Chug 4 to 5,
as the HP restoration continues for a short time, even at full HP. Once
your drinking animation completes, RUN! Book it! Hustle and try not to
miss your target! Tap X to get it, and wait for the sweet YOU DIED gong
of success.
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#4
LOCATION: Right side of the entrance bridge, past the narrow rock path
WALK-THROUGH: This one is the hardest item to acquire of the list, in
my humble opinion. The reason being is that you not only have to run
fast, you also have to jump platforms which gives you little room for

To get started, walk up the bridge and drop off the right side. There
are two levels to drop: one attached to the bridge and the third narrow
rock IN the lava. Note that this rock is not on fire and won't damage
you - a perfect prep spot. If you look carefully at your target, you'll
notice that not every rock down here is on fire. In fact, only the 2nd
and 4th rocks are, but that only alleviates the prep work a little.

Once you are geared up, run and jump from the first rock onto the second,
flaming rock. When you land you'll roll, so be sure to consider that in
your movements. If you're sure-footed, you can jump on the rock, roll,
dash again, and jump to the safe 3rd rock in one swift dash. If you're
like the rest of us, you may need to circle around to fix your aim.
Good luck! you'll need it...

Once on the second rock, take a breather. Chug some Estus or
Lifecrystals and assess your situation. You'll need to run, jump, roll,
run, and jump one last time, and this time the gap is a little further.
I prefer the right side, but you'll likely just have to die a few times
before you get a good feel for this. Once there, grab the item and
gloat. I dropped into the lava to save me a trip back, but feel free
to retrace your steps if you want to try and make it back out alive.


If you find yourself having issues, use the water in the vases in the
castle to wet yourself first. They can be found at the top of the
stairs in the hallway to the right of the main entrance. Make your way
to the merchant, then turn left up stairs. Be sure to destroy the
vases by rolling through them rather than with your weapon, otherwise
you won't get wet.

Water makes a huge difference in the rate at which the lava-rocks drain
your HP, and can be just the thing to grab you some time before setting
up your second jump. It doesn't last forever, though, so you'll have to
book it back to the bridge once you're all wet. I personally had plenty
of success using FLASH SWEAT, but I wanted to list all available options.

LOCATION: Below the Boiler room, before the fog door mini-boss
WALK-THROUGH: Ever use a PHARROS' LOCKSTONE and be liek wut...
I know I have, and the one you'll use here is one of those times. Until
you see how necessary it is to getting the item!! You'll never look at
those minor little pools of Pharros' water the same again!
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#5
To work through this one, I used the second bonfire, IRONHEARTH HALL
and backtracked a little. I also didn't bother with killing any bad
guys, but they have the potential to ruin a perfectly good run. Skip
them at your own risk. First, you'll need to drench yourself, so run
through the mini-boss room, and jump the gap in the floor by the
ZWEIHANDER. Next, jump down to the ledge on the building where the
DULL EMBER is found. Climb the ladder, dispatch the enemy, and plunk in
that LOCKSTONE. You'll get an underwhelming release of water, but
that's just what we need! Splash around in the water some, and that
includes rolling. If you just run, you'll only get your legs wet, and
the effect will be diminished, so frolic like a schoolgirl in summer!
Splash around like you mean it!

Once wet, backtrack by dropping down off the roof and jump the gap in
the walkway. Drop down to the stairway connected to the boiler room
which leads to the lava-rocks and the treasure chest. Once there, slap
on FLASH SWEAT, chug 4-5 Estus, and run to the chest. If you're fast
enough, you should have just enough time to open the chest, grab the
shield, and die. Even if you get the chest open and die before you
grab the item, don't worry - the chest should remain open for your next

LOCATION: The final lava-room with the trap drop-away platforms
WALK-THROUGH: This is the easiest one - you can see the item just below
the platform by the Alonne archer and the trap lava-flows. Simply drop
down, grab the item, and die. You can try and make it back to the stairs
if you like, but that's your choice, not mine.

LOCATION: the final lava-room with the trap drop-away platforms
WALK-THROUGH: This is pretty simple, once you get the flow down. From
the IRONHEARTH HALL bonfire, cross the suspended bridge with the turtle
foes. Once into the next section, pull the lever to drop the
contraption in the center of the room. Climb the contraption and kill
the archers, but DO NOT DROP THE PLATFORMS!! You'll need one to get
you close enough to the chest from the edge of the platform, so KO these
jokers the old-fashioned way.

Once dispatched, climb the ladder at the back-center of the stage, which
is now accessible from your earlier lever-pulling. At the top of the
stairs, you'll find vases full of water. Roll through them (no weapons!)
to douse yourself, then head back down the ladder. Turn right, and run
to the end of the platform above the lava-rock (the Alonne sniper was
standing here) and drop down onto the path. With the SILVERCAT RING
equipped, you won't take much fall damage, and you'll be nice and wet
for your sprint to the end. Once you open the chest, grab your item,
and die like a good hollow. Easy!
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: Crysiania

3 years ago#6
I think dragon covenant armour has the highest fire resistance, it really is very significant.

I managed to get chaos storm without even getting wet with it.

User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#7
Thanks for reading! Many Bothans died to bring us this information...

Hope you find it helpful!
3DS FC: 3995-6625-5253

User Info: sezra

3 years ago#8
whoa whoa whoa... I read to bit where you mentioned ceaseless discharge (still a gross name btw) and stopped there.

Is he in this game? the same guy from DKS1? No spoilers please as i've obviously not got that far yet.
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User Info: Macroman

3 years ago#9
sezra posted...
whoa whoa whoa... I read to bit where you mentioned ceaseless discharge (still a gross name btw) and stopped there.

Is he in this game? the same guy from DKS1? No spoilers please as i've obviously not got that far yet.

No, no, no. That's a joke.

Most of the topics I read before posting this were looking for something like the Charred Orange Ring from DkS I. I was trying to bring some brevity to the guide ^^
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User Info: Frankula

3 years ago#10
sezra posted...
whoa whoa whoa... I read to bit where you mentioned ceaseless discharge (still a gross name btw) and stopped there.

Is he in this game? the same guy from DKS1? No spoilers please as i've obviously not got that far yet.

Can't tell if was trolled or is trolling.... >.>
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