You can kill...... spoilers!

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User Info: GodsPoison

3 years ago#1
So apparently its possible to kill King Vendrick in your very first encounter, and it may or may not be a glitch, but you can do full damage to him if its your first time fighting him. I heard this in another topic earlier and just tried it out on my new character right after i fought Velstadt, and i only had one Giants Soul in my inventory which i got from the elite giants in the black gulch. I did full damage, bought 280 a swipe with my Magic Blue Flame+5 enchanted with great magic weapon, and 218 after the buff wore off.

After a long battle in which i nearly died due to ol Vendrick jumping halfway into the wall and making his blind spot unavailable i finally manged to slay the old undead king and am now rocking the Kings Armor set! I also took his soul to Ornifex and had her forge me a Ruler's Sword, cant weild it but still nice to have lol.

So yeah if your feeling bold you can actually kill Vendrick on your very first encounter, just grab the ring FIRST cause if you mess up and die he goes back to normal and getting it might be a pain in the ass when he suddenly has full defenses and your doing 20 damage lol.

User Info: Cecil_Del_Sol

3 years ago#2
Did you know the Melfanito know nothing of the outside world?

As long as we're dropping bombs in here, I figured I'd blow some minds with that one.
Cecil is a man with honor. ~ AncientPancakes

User Info: the_NGW

3 years ago#3
You can talk to this girl in green to receive an estus flask. She also allows you to level up.
"Do you have the courage to ride with the devil?"
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User Info: KingofDeceit666

3 years ago#4
I heard there's like a talking cat or something in this game. Can you believe that, ****?! - -

User Info: SlayerDude4462

3 years ago#5
Protip: When people run, they move faster!

User Info: kblaze13

3 years ago#6
you can roll!
Iightningz posted...
I hate Lightning.

User Info: Ebolatastic

3 years ago#7
It was me you heard that from, I'm currently on a new character and am going to see if it happens again. Cuz yah, no damage reduction on the first attempt.

User Info: Is_Corrupted

3 years ago#8
You don't have to talk to Kieran during the prison chapter in order to recruit him. Just make sure he escapes.
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User Info: Blizzmatica

3 years ago#9
I heard something about an npc that can make your equipment stronger. Something about a titanite shard?

User Info: KatoAi

3 years ago#10
Gilligan is a f****** laddersmith.

He fooled me the first time.
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